WhatClinic Patient Service Award

Why Turkey?

Health tourism, is very important income source not only for our country, but also for the other countries in the world. Its volume reaches 100 Billion USD in a single year. Health tourism’s difference is about being continued for all 12 months, when it is compared with the other tourism sectors. So, it contributes to employing more and more than other tourism sectors, because of these reasons and differences.

Turkey is one of the most successful country in this area, it is in the first 5 countries which gains money from health tourism, in the world.

In the past, there were so many people who prefer United States of America or Europe countries to be treated in the hospitals or the clinics.

But Turkey is well selected in the last years, because of making investments in the health sector, there are some clinics which have the latest version technologies here. And because of the low price policiesare arranged and applied, against the competitor countries in the health sector, it was started to accept so many patients who are from Middle East and Europe.

The foreign patients population is getting bigger day by day in Turkey, because of these nice and successful investments.

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