Turkey has always been an attraction for traveling and over the last 15 years especially with the investments in the health sector, the demand for health tourism has also increased. In Turkey Istanbul became the hub of many people for aesthetic surgeries. The hair transplantation and liposuction operations are the most popular surgeries, however nose surgery, eyelid, face and abdominal lifting operations are being more demanded. Before the pandemic, in 2018 over 850.000 visitors were hosted in Turkey for medical operations and aesthetical needs. Our national airline company ‘’Turkish Airlines’’ has a huge flight network that also had an impact on attracting people for medical reasons in addition to cultural and tourist purpose visits.
No need to wait long period of time 

Under the pandemic conditions tourists numbers were decreasing, however the health tourism has continued with the necessary precautions. The primary reason to choose Turkey is the modern and technological devices of the clinics and hospitals.The investments of both the government and the private sector turned the game into another sector. Well-designed clinics, new and modern devices, deep infrastructure and facilities are developed day by day. Moreover, another reason is that  aesthetic surgeries are not covered in many countries so that people have to wait for a long period of time. For example, waiting periods could be up to 2 years in Canada and England if the surgery is not that urgent.

Turkey is Cost Efficient Destination For Aesthetic Surgery

People give importance to doctors, experience and the qualification they receive rather than the location they go. Therefore, with the modern devices and the experienced doctors in our clinics and hospitals, Turkey is getting attractive for people who are giving importance to their health and aesthetic.

Thanks to the experienced and qualified doctors of Turkey, the attraction to health tourism is getting bigger and bigger. Also the aesthetic surgery costs are relatively economical in Turkey. In European countries the costs are much higher compared to having an operation and logistics. In the EU and US the cost of such operations are 50%-60% higher than the costs in Turkey. In this regard, Turkey took the advantage to create a new path on health tourism. The prices of the operations are much cheaper and the services are more exclusive and customized. Also every country has their own preferences, for example the hair transplantation is more popular for Arabic people to come to Turkey. On the other hand, Germans prefer liposuction, teeth-whitening or nose surgery

As the variety of aesthetic surgeries, couples are choosing to come to Turkey as well. While a man requests hair transplantation, his wife can request breast operation or liposuction. 

All-in-one Service

With the huge demand on health tourism, the sector is getting experienced too. As mentioned before, Turkey became the hub for aesthetic operations, the international know-how is also extended. Doctors, clinics and hospitals are getting specialized in their field and also aesthetic hospitals are established for all purposes operations.Today agencies and clinics can fulfill all your needs such as logistics, flight organization, hotel accomodation and surgery. As Turkey presents so many historical and cultural options, this health tourism makes people enjoy their visits. 

To sum the advantages to visit Turkey for aesthetic surgery;

  • Prices are reasonable compare to other countries
  • The doctors are experienced and qualified
  • The new investments offers new technology, facility and devices
  • Turkey is also a hub for leisure tourism
  • Turkey offers all-in-one service to all your needs, hair transplantation, nose surgery, liposuction, beauty and more.
  • Travel, fun and health are all together