Liposuction is a suction technique that aims to remove the stubborn fat from your body. Generally it is also called lipo. Liposuction is used for excessive body fat but not for weight loss purposes.

Liposuction helps to re-shape your body by getting rid of the fat from the problematic areas. As a result of the lipo procedure, your body appearance looks fit and smoother so that you can have your confidence back. It is also known as body contouring too.

Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery and aesthetic operations. Surgeons are in charge of performing such procedures. The areas in question can be hips, arms, legs, thighs, abdomen or face such as cheeks and neck.

Types of Liposuction

There are several types of lipo methods that can be used by surgeons. According to your needs and preferences you can decide the lipo type. However, always remember to discuss the cases before deciding which type you would like to do for the liposuction procedure because there are always advantages and risks

  • Vaser  Liposuction: Vaser or ‘’Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’’ is a type of liposuction surgery that is performed by using a high-frequency ultrasound technology. This technique does not damage the tissues surrounding it and stimulates collagen and elastin production. It also supports the retraction and the adaptation of the skin. We have experienced Vaser Liposuction surgeons, you can find more details here
  • Super-Wet Liposuction:  the suction technique uses a special fluid that is injected into problematic areas that have stubborn fat. With this technique, the fat is removed easily in a short period of time. This procedure requires a general anesthesia.
  • Tumescent Liposuction: this technique is also similar to super-wet lipo technique however it requires less fluid compared to traditional methods. It takes more time to be performed. It is generally recommended for areas that have heavy stubborn fat. In this method the fat is swollen by the microcannulas which makes it easier to be sucked. Also, compared to traditional techniques, local anesthesia can be applicable. 
  • Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction UAL:  In this lipo method, ultrasound waves are used for the procedure. The stubborn fat is removed by the help of ultrasound waves. As seen with the development in the health sector, there are a wide range of options that can fulfill all needs and preferences. Ultrasound assisted liposuction can be also used as the second step of the tumescent lipo method. The fat is removed by the cannula with ultrasound technique for the stubborn areas, generally preferred by men for the chest area. Ultrasound assisted liposuction can be applicable two ways; one is internal and other is external
  • Laser Assisted Liposuction LAL – SmartLipo:  is a technique that uses laser frequencies. With the help of laser energy the fat is turned into liquid and it makes it easy to vacuum the liquefied fats with tubes. In the Laser assisted lipo method, we usually used smaller tubes compared to the traditional lipo technique. The best part of this method is to improve the collagen production in the body by laser energy. This makes the skin firmer and has a better recovery period.

Can A Surgeon Refuse To Perform A Liposuction On A Patient? 

As I have mentioned before, this is a plastic surgery that only surgeons can do. Also, it is advised to discuss the method and your health condition before deciding which type to do. Moreover surgeons ask for a pre operations test before the liposuction procedure. For example, if you had surgery before, a number of tests may be demanded, especially if you had surgery for the abdominal area. Morovere, the body mass index is important for Liposuction. Generally surgeons set a limit the BMI mass to 35 maximum, beyond this mass index, it is risky to have this surgery. So, surgeons can advise you not to perform the operation you are requesting. If your body mass index result is more than 35 then you will be in a risky position to eliminate the fat from the problematic area. The healthier you are the less risk and more positive result you get from the lipo procedure. Surgeons also do not prefer a smoker patient, because there will be some risks for the after recovery period, they may have blood clotting or healing difficulties. In such cases, stopping smoking before the liposuction is advised both for your body health and healing process

What Are The Benefits of Liposuction?

Liposuction is a chance to have a healthier body. Even though the first purpose of a liposuction is not to lose weight, it helps you to eliminate the fat from your body and you can say “goodbye” to it. Your new appearance will motivate you so you can have a new strat and set up a new plan for a healthier lifestyle. Getting rid of this fat will make your blood fat level decrease. Moreover as you are lighter you can move around more easily and improve your confidence. 

How Can I Follow Up After The Surgery?

You may feel discomfort due to the presence of fluid in your body. It is therefore recommended that you spend one night in the hospital. Also remember that this is not your final result, because your body is still swollen. Recovery takes at least 3 months to get back to your ideal shape. You can return to work for a few days after the operation, but a proper rest is always preferable for your new look. After the operation, the surgeon checks the cannulas for 3 to 5 days and will advise to massage the surgical area in order to impact the fluid effectively and make it softer. In the months that follow, the swelling will diminish and you will see the final result of the liposuction. It is important not to carry heavy objects and to exercise, including housework. Your own body is so delicate that you should take care of yourself as much as possible. Always contact your doctor in case of unexpected side effects such as severe pain, bruising or scarring, so that he or she can intervene in time.