You only have one life, so if you want to embrace your body and open a new chapter in your life, weight loss surgery is one of the ways. One of the options for losing weight with surgery is Gastric Bypass. Before deciding to have a gastric bypass, let’s take a look at the details about the whole surgery. You will find a brief and intense information about weight loss surgery, also called gastric bypass.

What is Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is a kind of bariatric surgery that helps lose weight permanently. However, this does not mean that you eat whatever you want. It is a big start for changing the stomach shape. But you should also take care of yourself to keep the surgery performance and have a better health status. 

The surgery makes the stomach smaller by using staples. As a result, there is one upper smaller portion and larger bottom stomach. The upper part is called the pouch that reserves small portions of food and digest, so that you can easily be full and lose weight. In the next step there is a shortcut hole from the pouch where the food goes  to the small intestine so that you absorb less calories.

Who Needs Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is an option to lose weight, but the weight and the health conditions are important. Not every person is a good candidate for such surgery. For example: BMI measures (body mass index) should be suitable. The obesity level of over weight with suitable health conditions can be a good fit for gastric bypass too. As the surgery helps to connect the stomach to the small intestine by staple procedure, and divides the stomach. Weight loss surgery is suitable for obesity. Whether you are a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery or not, you should consult the surgeon and examine the health conditions, risks and the benefits. 

Pro And Cons of Gastric Bypass

There are many benefits of gastric bypass surgery. It is one of the best options to lose a big amount of weight unlike long-term weight loss procedures such as gym or diet. Maybe it is a costly surgery but if you are active and want to make radical changes in your lifestyle, you will have great results. You can reduce health risks due to obesity problems. Definitely you will have a better quality of life. You can embrace life again and extend the lifetime. After the gastric bypass you can improve mental health and psychology. 

Gastric bypass has some cons too , the surgery can be a costly operation. If you do not follow or change your lifestyle, you can regain weight again and it would not be a solution to having costly surgery. There might be potential side effects of the surgery too. However, these are always the dynamics to be considered before having such a big surgery.


  • Losing weight effectively
  • Psychological benefits
  • Reducing health issues due to overweight
  • Improving quality of life


  • Costly operation
  • Potential side effects
  • Regaining weight if not accepting a radical change

What to Consider Before Having a Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It is not easy to decide to have gastric bypass surgery. When deciding to have such losing weight operations you should consider many dynamics together. Your BMI measure is taken into consideration next to the other health problems. However, having gastric bypass helps to reduce weight at once as well as reducing the heart attack risks, cancer and other health problems. And deciding would not be enough, you should also accept the follow up procedures of the surgery and make radical changes in your eating habits and lifestyle conditions to have better results. For all details and options, you should consult your surgeon and get a final evaluation for a surgery candidate.

What to Eat After The Gastric Bypass Surgery? 

It is important to follow a healthy diet after the gastric bypass surgery. In the first stage,  you should implement liquids, soft foods, puree etc. So that your body will not consume energy during the recovery period. As a soft food you can consider eggs, boiled vegetables, cooked rice or soups. Reduce alcohol, fatty foods, cigarettes and fried foods. You can use supplements with daily multivitamins. As absorption is short in the body, supplementary vitamins are crucial. The best trick is not to drink any beverage together with eating food.