Face aesthetics procedures include non-surgical treatments for the face, neck, nose, ear to reduce the aging signs and improve the face look. With the help of modern technology there are many offers for facial aesthetics. Let’s have a look at the most common facial aesthetic treatments.

Face & Neck Lifting

The medical equivalent for face lifting is rhytidectomy. Face lifting is a procedure that tightens the skin muscles on the face to get a smoother, brighter look with a young appearance. Face lifting can be applied either partially or full face lifting. If only the procedure is applied on cheeks it will be mid-face lifting. If the eyelid, eyebrows, and neck lifting are included, then it will be full face lifting. Neck lifting is generally included when necessary. 

The mid-facelift on the cheeks is one of the most common aesthetic types of procedure. Cheeks can easily reflect the tiredness and aging with the lines, which are known as nasolabial. These nasolabial lines resistance to face mimics and gravity naturally. Thanks to midface lifting the lines can be firmed and lifted so that the tired, aggressive look is replaced with a young and charming look. 

Neck lifting is another anti-age procedure to get rid of wrinkles. For a medium operation, small incisions can be applied to improve the face look. In the case of stubborn fat tissue on the neck, neck lift surgery is advised. The excessive loose skin is eliminated by liposuction and firmed with lifting to achieve a young and energetic appearance. 

Eyebrow Lift

An eyebrow lift is a face design that gives another mimic and improves the face and eyes easily with a practical procedure. Eyebrow lifting is generally performed with forehead lifting. The result always gives a brighter look. When the eyebrows are raised, the eyes get bigger which gives the face a younger look. In the case of not having enough results from the procedure, endoscopic eyebrow surgery may be applied. It is a long-lasting solution with no scars and no pain. For more details, you should consult the plastic surgeons.

Nose Aesthetics

The nose aesthetic is also known as rhinoplasty changes the visual aspects of the face. Most commonly the bridge is trimmed or the tip of the nose is lifted. Also, it is a solution for the size issues on the nose. There are modern techniques used in nose jobs and the natural look is obtained with a golden ratio. Rather than imitating a celebrity nose, the golden ratio method can offer a more natural and healthier look.

Ear Aesthetics

Our faces are more on-screen with several media platforms. And if you are not satisfied with your ears, the solution is ear aesthetic, which is called otoplasty. The most common procedure for ear aesthetics is prominent ear problems. Ant deformity and cosmetic needs can be corrected with surgical operations. Generally performed with local or general anesthesia and the results have no visible marks on the ear.

Eyelid Aesthetics

The cosmetic aesthetics can also be applied on eyelids which are also known as blepharoplasty. The excessive sagging and fat bags give an older and tired look which can happen at any age.  The eyelid aesthetic procedure may last long but the genetic factors and the form of the skin may regain the eyelids, however, it is always worth having an eyelid aesthetic for more than years of young and energetic look. Also, it improves visionary skills by removing the weight on the eyes.

Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift

In some cases, cosmetic lifting is not sufficient, or patients are looking for long-lasting solutions. For  ages around 40+, endoscopic mid-face lifting is preferable. The mid-face lifting is performed on the cheeks and around the eyes to the crow’s feet. The small incisions in endoscopic mid-face lifting ensure a firm face with less pain and optimum result. 

Deep Plane Facelift

A deep plane facelift focuses on the muscles rather than operating the skin and lifting up. It is called the SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer. Its results last longer than other lifting operations. As the skin is an elastic tissue, after some years it gets loose again. However, the deep plane facelift is a more durable and long-lasting anti-age procedure. The procedure contains both face and neck lift, so that you have a brand new look. Also, we have methods that can hide the scars easily and are most preferred for patients over 50+ who have sagging and excessive skin.