Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbulVaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbulVaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


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Liposuction İstanbul

Liposuction surgery slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fats and improving your body proportion.

A lot of people get rid of their excess fat and gain a more fit appearance by choosing liposuction surgery.

What’s Liposuction?

Liposuction is a body shaping procedure targeting and removing excess fat. The most common areas used are the stomach, hips, and inner or outer thighs. However, liposuction is also often done in other areas such as the knees, arms, and chin.

Liposuction is usually performed in healthy, normal-weight ranges. There are many different liposuction operations including traditional liposuction, smart liposuction, and VASER Liposuction.

Liposuction Before & After

Am I Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction can improve your appearance, but it can’t change the outline of your body to meet your body goal. The best candidates are healthy people who are not overweight and have localized excess fat areas without droopy the skin.

This last point is very important because the ability to shrink to match the new contour after skin absorption is limited. Therefore, patients with excess skin may look worse after liposuction and require removal of this skin.

For example, women who have more than one child often got loosen the skin of the abdominal (a sign that the skin will not shrink after liposuction) and therefore are generally better candidates for abdominoplasty.

What are the risks of Vaser Liposuction

The decision of having an aesthetic surgery depends on your own will and whether or not to fulfill your expectations. You should decide whether the risks and potential complications of liposuction surgery acceptable or not. Your plastic surgeon will explain the risks of the surgery in detail. You’re asked for signing consent forms to make sure you fully understand the surgery and all the risks and possible complications.

Possible risks of liposuction surgery include those:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bruising
  • Change in skin sensation that may persist
  • Damage to deeper structures such as nerves, blood vessels and muscles
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Infection
  • Irregular contours or asymmetries
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Need for revision surgery
  • Persistent swelling
  • Poor wound healing
  • Rippling or loose skin, worsening of cellulite
  • Swelling
  • Thermal burn or heat injury from ultrasound with the ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique

These risks and others will be fully discussed before your consent is taken. It is important to discuss all your questions directly with your plastic surgeon.

Sometimes, secondary surgeries might be recommended to reduce excess skin. Special considerations are needed when more than five liters of fat are suctioned.

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What should be done after surgery?

Even if liposuction is a common procedure, it should not be forgotten is also a surgical procedure. On the other hand, patients can learn about the surgery and they can dispose of their concern.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Two weeks before surgery

You should avoid taking aspirins which can increase bleeding, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements 10 days before the operation. You should stop smoking and drinking also.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

One day before surgery

You need to dress up comfy, you should sleep well, and you can dream about how you will be happy after the operation.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Surgery Day

If the surgery will be done with general anesthesia you should quit eating or drinking before 7 hours prevent to nauseation. You should be signing confirmation forms before the surgery.

Vaser Liposuction Processs

Every surgery can be different but every surgery can be done with same methods.

1- Anesthesia

During the surgical procedures, drugs are applied for your comfort. Options include sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best option for you.

2- Formation of Incisions

The formation of incisions varies according to the area or regions which are treated, the degree of recovery, the patient, and the surgeon’s preferences.

3- Removing Excess fats

Plastic surgery performs movements back and forth with the cannula to separate the fat under the skin. With the help of an injection or a vacuum pump attached to the cannula, it draws the fast out.

4- Closing the Incisions

Your incisions will be closed or not with your doctor’s choice. Some plastic surgeons can choose to not close the incisions to reduce bruising and swelling.

What you should expect?

During the liposuction procedure, fat cells are taken permanently. Therefore, if you gain weight after the operation, this weight is usually not collected in the areas where the surgery is performed. But liposuction doesn’t mean you won’t gain weight again. When the liposuction process is finished, you should eat healthily and do sport.

What you should not expect?

Liposuction is not done for weight loss. Many patients lose only 2-3 pounds after the operation.

What should be done after surgery?

There may be bruising, swelling and some pain after the operation. You may need to rest at home for a few days before you start working. For sports and similar activities must be waiting for 10 days.

The doctor may give antibiotics and pain medication in case of infection. However, it is advisable to wear tight clothing that helps reduce swelling for a while.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

The first few weeks

To accelerate the healing process, plastic surgeons recommend that patients should wear a compression garment at least in the early days. After a while, most patients are comfortable enough to remove their compression garments.

Pain may occur the day after liposuction surgery. These pains are usually not so strong, it can be cut down with painkillers. After 2-3 days, you can move normally and even walk and go back to work. Within a week, swelling, bruising and drowsiness will disappear.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Swelling in a few months

Swelling goes down after several months. As the swelling decreases, the ideal results of treatment begin to emerge. If the region of liposuction is large, the healing lasts longer. The skin in the liposuction-treated area may not seem flexible but will become tighter over time. The skin will return to normal within 5-6 months.

Patients should check the incision areas for risks such as infections and keep them under observation with a doctor’s examination. After the liposuction operation, you can talk with your doctor frequently and exchange information.



The purpose of liposuction is to create a more fit body appearance in the patient. You have to choose qualified plastic surgeon with certifications for one of the most common operations which are liposuction surgery.

Liposuction is an operation that requires experience. So, you should talk to your doctor about long-term and post-operative planning.

Body Shaping

Liposuction is the most used method in body shaping. A plastic surgeon can achieve better results by using liposuction while getting to tighten and redundancy.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul


One of the most popular body shaping procedures, with the tummy tuck, the surgeon can tighten the abdominal area. In full tummy tuck operation, the surgeon can also move the belly button further. During the procedure, a flat and shaped abdomen can be obtained by using liposuction

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Body Lifting

Body lift operations are more detailed operations that target the abdomen, thighs, and butt at the same time. During body stretching, the doctor creates incisions covering the groin area, lower back, and buttocks. While tightening the damaged muscles, the doctor can also use liposuction to remove fat from these parts.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Thigh Lifting

Plastic surgeons use the thigh-lifting operation to solve the excess skin problem that occurs in the thighs, especially after losing excess weight. If there is a persistent fat problem that cannot be solved by diet and exercise in this area, it may be an important component of liposuction application.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Arm Lifting

While aging, especially women are unhappy with excess skin and fat on the upper arm area. When excess skin removal is combined with liposuction, a thinner and more shaped upper arm area can be obtained.


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Results of Vaser Liposuction

The exact results of the liposuction are observed only after a few months. Liposuction operation is intended to shape the body, so there is no weight loss with this operation. Only the fat deposits that cannot be gone diet and exercise can remove thanks to liposuction.

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

First Results

The result of liposuction occurs a little after the surgery. Initially, the results may appear not too strong. This is normal because swelling and bruising can prevent the result from appearing. As an extra, the skin can become loose after liposuction. It may take time for the body to adapt to its new shape. Most doctors recommend wearing a compression garments to support the healing process. The wearing of a compression garment helps to maintain swelling, bruising after liposuction

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey İstanbul

Final Results

The disappearance of the swelling and bruising takes 2-3 months. The possible results of liposuction are observed 6 months after the operation. At the end of this process, you will get a more shaped body and a younger look. The results may vary from person to person, but most patients achieve good results after liposuction. The benefits of liposuction are aesthetically pleasing. Liposuction is the beginning of a healthy, active lifestyle. Many patients pay attention to their nutrition and exercise to preserve liposuction results. The duration of the operation is proportional to the person taking care of himself/herself.


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How long does liposuction last?

The time of liposuction varies according to the type of liposuction and the number of the area that needed liposuction. Applications of larger areas, such as the back and abdomen, take longer. But usually, the operation lasts 2-3 hours.

Is surgery scar left after liposuction?

Yes. But these marks are very tiny. Also, your surgeon will set all cuts to be kept hidden within your body’s natural lines.

Why should wear a compression garment after application?

After the operation, most surgeons require the wearing of a compression garment or a bandage in the treated area. The compression garment reduces bleeding after liposuction, reduces discomfort, and accelerates the healing process. In open tumoral liposuction, the doctor leaves the incisions open. The compression garment in this type of liposuction allows the anesthetic fluid to leave the body faster. In closed liposuction, the doctor throws stitches to close the incisions. In this case, the compression garment allows your body to absorb fluids faster and improve your healing.

Is it possible to treat obesity with liposuction?

Not. Liposuction should never be done for weight loss. The goal of liposuction is to improve the appearance and to have a fit appearance. The goal of liposuction is to remove regional fats that cannot be removed by diet and exercise. During the surgery, the surgeon should not take more than 5 kilos or 5 liters of fat. Excessive amounts of oil lead to fluid imbalance and other problems.

When can I go back to work?

You can avoid doing things requiring excessive activity for 3-4 days after liposuction. After 10 days you can return to work.

Is liposuction permanent?

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells but does not prevent you from gaining weight. On the other hand, if you gain weight, fats will usually accumulate in other parts of the body. Therefore, for example, if liposuction is applied to your belly area, this area will remain thin for years, even if you gain weight, but the weight you take will accumulate in your arms, buttocks, or other areas.

How Much Is Liposuction?

In order to give a clear answer to this question; It is necessary to know all your medical history and to consult your doctor about the areas where liposuction is required.Because liposuction methods and required areas vary from person to person and these determine the price.

When should we take the compression suit?

This time depends on the type of liposuction that is specifically applied to you and the preferences of the surgeon. It is necessary to wear the compression garment for up to 5-6 weeks, in some cases, especially when you prefer open tumoral liposuction, it may be sufficient to wear the compression garment only for 2-3 days.

Is it possible to correct a bad liposuction application?

It is sometimes impossible to correct all the bad results of previous liposuction operations. But in most cases, significant success is achieved. In order not to get a poorly operated liposuction, you should choose your surgeon better.

When can I smoke?

Most surgeons recommend not to smoke until at least 10 days after application.

Most Common Areas for Liposuction

Liposuction is a body shaping procedure targets excess fat and removes them. The most common areas used are the stomach, hips, and inner or outer thighs. However, liposuction is often done in other areas too such as knees, arms, and chin.

Liposuction in the Abdominal Area

Liposuction is highly effective in shaping the abdomen in both men and women. In particular, the lower abdomen tends to be resistant to diet and exercise. For this reason, even in the most form and active persons, they may feel uncomfortable with their appearance. Pregnancy and cesarean may cause deformations in the lower area of the abdomen. They cannot be corrected by exercise and diet. Because a serious portion of the fat in the abdomen is located just below the skin, it can be easily removed with liposuction.

Liposuction in the hips

Hip liposuction is made to create more shaped lines. This liposuction surgery is especially applied to women, men are not as experiencing fat problems in this region as women. Hip liposuction is generally performed by anesthesia.

Liposuction in Thigh Area

Liposuction in the entire thigh area may result in increased swelling and can be a longer recovery time. Instead, thigh liposuction can be performed at 30-day intervals. Thigh liposuction is performed in combination with thigh stretching operation.

Liposuction in the Arm Area

The success rate of arm liposuction is quite high. The delicacy obtained in this application can give a better appearance to the whole body. Arm liposuction can be combined with arm lift surgery.