It is not easy to decide to have plastic surgery. Whether it is for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes, it is perforemed under anesthesia. Everybody wants a good result from plastic surgery, however there are some other components to be considered. Not only the performance of the surgeon, but also the patient’s performance during the recovery period which is very important, especially after plastic surgery. So balance and caring for yourself will help you get great results. Let’s take a look at some tips for a successful recovery after plastic surgery.

  • Always Listen To Your Surgeon And Follow The Post-Op Instructions

It is not easy to be disciplined and caring for yourself, but as you may have done for the pre-operation process, it is also necessary to have post operation responsibilities. Before the operation, it is always advised to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Also, it helps you keep  a balanced diet, eat clean and prepare for an operation. After plastic surgery, you should follow the instructions of the surgeon. Every surgeon is different,  so, do not take other advice because conditions and side effects may vary. As your surgeon knows what you need, the instructions should be customized and you should follow them according to your recovery plan. The first step is to protect the area where you had the plastic surgery. Prevent the area from side effects such as hits, scratches or hard pressures. Also water or sun can impact it in a negative way, so that some period of the area should be protected. 

  • Observe And Inspect The Incision

Your surgeon can guide you according to your words and observations. In this regard after the plastic surgery, during post-op recovery time, be careful to observe and inspect the incision. Always keep it protected and wear sunglasses or a hat depending on your surgery details. Refrain from the sudden movement that may injure and hide the incision. Stay calm and have a rest. Avoid doing hard work out and prefer relaxing and clean eating. 

  • Enjoy The Recovery Process After Plastic Surgery

According to your surgeon’s guidance, you may have a relaxing break and enjoy the recovery process. Rather than joining crowded events or the hectic tempo of daily life, you can take the advantage and have some rest. In this way, you can apply home remedies and surgeon instructions much more effectively. You can have a rapid and successful recovery.

During this period, eating healthy and properly helps you to have a smooth recovery. Oat is also beneficial for your body shape, mood and mind health. Being in a calm and slow mood supports your body to recharge again. As the surgery is a strong procedure, being gentle to yourself is important. While slower your move, you can also slow your breaths. It is advised while coughing and sneezing although it may be hard to do sometimes. 

The Importance of Body Hydration 

The polishing and organic component of post-operative surgery is to hydrate the body properly. Water is magic, and with its mineral it cures all of our body including raising up our mood. Drinking water helps your skin to shine and moisturize, it helps the body circulation and removes toxins easily. However, drinking too much water also has distasteful effects such as swelling. In order not to have excessive water drinking, always consult your surgeon for an optimum eating and drinking list.

Know When To Call Your Surgeon 

Always keep in mind to consult your surgeon for unusual symptoms. After the plastic surgery you should observe and inspect the area and if you see some differences, check with a surgeon by a simple call or message. If you notice something, feel pain and feel uncomfortable again, do not hesitate to call your doctor. As you have some new information and guidance you may be lost and it is hard to adapt to the new appearance, so during this time it is important to be in communication with your doctor. 

You can reach your doctores in emergency cases such as unusual symptoms like vomiting, strong pain, different types of swelling, fever, alarming type of breathing issue etc.