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Thigh Lifting

Thigh lifting is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the thigh.

This operation helps to tighten the skin and improve the contour of the legs.

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You can have the legs you want with the thigh lift aesthetics. You can prefer to have a thigh lifting surgery in order to have better and thigh legs.

If there are disproportionately sized thighs extremely obese or there are thighs with bloating problem, it is time to think about a surgical intervention. Thigh lifting process helps both inner and outer thighs to get into a nice shape for more attractive and youthful appearance.

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Am I a good candidate for thigh lifting?

Before carrying out any plastic surgery, suitable candidates for thigh lifting must be ready both physically and mentally with realistic expectations and targets.

Generally, ideal candidates have loose skin on the hips and thighs in addition to the excessively soft tissue along the inner, middle or outer thigh region, there are thin fat layers under the skin. Those losing a large amount of weight with diet and exercise or bariatric surgery are generally good candidates for the procedure. Before performing this operation, your weight should be fixed and it should be as close as possible to your ideal body weight.

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What are the risks?

Decision of having a thigh lifting surgery depends on your own will and whether or not fulfill your expectations. You should decide whether the risks and potential complications of thigh lifting surgery acceptable or not. Your plastic surgeon will explain the risks of  the surgery in detail. You’re asked for signing confirmation forms to make sure you fully understand the surgery and all the risks and the possible complications.

Possible risks of thigh lifting surgery include those:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Poor wound healing
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Adipose tissue under the skin may die
  • Fading or swelling of the skin
  • Skin loss
  • Negative scar
  • Drowsiness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Skin loosening
  • Possibility of revision surgery

These risks and others will be fully discussed before your consent is taken. It is important to discuss all your questions directly with your plastic surgeon.

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What should be done before surgery?

You should quit smoking if you do. You should avoid taking aspirins which can increase bleeding, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements.

Thigh lifting surgery is done in an operating room, medical center should be fully organized. Don’t forget to arrange someone who can help you and stay with you at least the first night after the surgery.

Operation Process Step by Step

Don’t forget that an inner thigh lifting, an external thigh lifting or both can be performed depending on the needs of patient. Operations should be done under anesthesia and operating room conditions.

1- Anesthesia

During the surgical procedures, drugs are applied for your own comfort. Options include sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best option for you.

2- Formation of Incisions

Formation of incisions vary according to the area or regions which are treated, the degree of recovery, the patient and the surgeon preferences.

3- Closing the Incisions

Deep stitches in the lower tissues help to create and support new shaped contours. Your stitches melt when the incisions in the skin close.

4- See The Results

Operation may cause swelling and bruising. However, the result is manifested at once.

What should you expect?

All operations may cause bruising and swelling. These should be considered usual. But your doctors provide you a suitable painkiller with various prescriptions.

You will also receive a detailed plan for your care including instructions about returning to work, bathing, twisting and sitting and exercising.



The leg area is divided into two segments: the thigh above the knee and the calf lower the knee. Troubles in the thighs are often associated with overweight. Problems at the bottom usually depends on hereditary causes such as thinness or crookedness.

The treatment method varies according to the problematic areas. Treatments applied to the upper part of the leg are lipolysis and liposuction. Hipline and waist area are also included in upper leg treatments. Thigh lifting operations can also be considered if there are sagging areas.

What should be done after surgery?

After the thigh lifting operation, patients shouldn’t sit too much for a whole week. It doesn’t prevent general and simple activities in any way. It is suitable to stay at the hospital for two days after the operation.

According to the size of the operation area, thigh lifting is applied under local or general anesthesia. The process lasting about 1 to 3 hours varies according to the condition of the person. The patient is asked to wear corset and cotton underwear for 30 days. It is very important to wear varicose veins for 7 days. There is no danger of taking a bath two days after the surgery.


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Results of a thigh lifting is manifested almost at once. However, the full development of the final results may take several months. The quality of the skin improves in terms of appearance after the surgery.

Some surgery scar will remain, but generally long lasting results continue providing maintaining a constant weight and overall wellness. As your body gets older, it is natural to lose its tightness. Although good results are expected from your procedure, there is no guarantee. In some cases, it may not be possible to get the best results with a single surgery and another surgery can be required.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Lifting

When does the swelling disappear after the thigh lifting surgery?

There will be edema and swelling after thigh lifting operation. These swellings can be seen for 10-15 days and then it will disappear.

Can sport be done after the surgery?

First 30 days after the surgery, you should not do any sport but walking. A little more time is required for other sports.

Is there so much pain after the surgery?

Thanks to the strong painkillers are given in hospital and the painkillers you will use after leaving hospital, the healing period is almost painless and comfortable.


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