It has become so easy to access everything, online shopping is increasing the number of daily meals. We can’t control our stomach and it starts to control us, all our emotional changes trigger our eating habits. And if you reach over 90 and more it is inevitable to go down and the fastest and best way to lose weight will be bariatric surgery when you reach about 150 kg.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

If you are overweight and there is no diet or exercise that helps you lose weight, bariatric surgery will help you to get rid of the stubborn excessive kilos. Bariatric surgery covers the surgeries for losing weight and these are quite serious operations. For that so many tests and optimum weight is calculated and then you will be determined as a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Types (Gastric Balloon, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass)

Being overweight has so many risks such as heart attack, sleeping problems, diabetes, breathing problems, low performance and high blood pressure. With bariatric surgeries you can minimize these risks or in some conditions remove the problem totally. 

Gastric balloon: Gastric balloon is also known as endoscopic intragastric balloon, that is recommended to patients whose condition is not suitable for a surgery. This procedure is a non-surgical treatment and can be applied for losing weight by limiting the feeling of hunger. A balloon is put into the stomach which limits the capacity of the stomach so that you can feel fullness easily and stop eating much. In general after 6 months the balloon is removed from the stomach and it is a kind of temporary solution. It is also applied before having the surgery to lose some weight to be ready for. Gastric balloon may improve the conditions due to overweight problems such as sleep issues or diabetes.

Gastric sleeve: Gastric sleeve is a surgery that may help to lose weight easier than doing exercise and being on diet. The sleeve takes its name from the shape of the stomach as the stomach is reduced almost 80%. The rest is removed from the body and the stomach turns into a banana-shaped tube form. As a result you will eat much less than before and you will lose weight. Gastric sleeve operation is preferred for those who are stubborn to change their lifestyle. If you lose control easily and cheat on your diet then after the gastric sleeve operation, there is a possibility to enlarge the stomach by eating and regain the prior form again. So choosing the best option starts knowing yourself and eating habits.

Gastric bypass: Gastric bypass is a long term solution to remove the excessive weight and continue living with your own eating habits. In a healthy way for sure. In gastric bypass the stomach is divided into two so that the food stream is changed. This procedure helps to eat less and lose weight easily and permanently. However due to this shortcut the body will lack some nutrients and vitamins as well as the beneficial minerals with low absorption. To complete the full vitamin and nutrition you should take supplements daily.

How Do You Choose Which Type Is The Best For You? 

Your needs, your health and intention are the first step to losing weight. You can choose the balloon option and have a fresh start by balancing your diet. Or, if you have an important ball, wedding or celebration to attend, a gastric balloon can be an option. If you are overweight and need another second operation that helps you to lose weight, you can consult your doctor. 

Gastric sleeve and Gastric bypass procedures are the most common weight methods. If you cannot lose weight easily and you are over 100 kilos, you can choose one of these bariatric surgeries. Before any surgery you should consult your surgeon for risks and alternative treatments then decide accordingly.