Sapphire Percutane Method

The hair taken from the nape is planted through the opening of tiny holes in the area to be planted.

In the Sapphire Percutane method, a special gap is created for each hair strand, thus providing a natural appearance. The sutured hair follicles do not move. Each hair strand has a special appearance due to the opening of the special space for them.

What’s Sapphire Percutane Method

Sapphire Percutane Method enables us to plant more follicles per centimer. With this method, it can be planted between 60-80 grafts per centimeter instead of only 40.

The recovery is pretty fast with Sapphire Percutane method. It is faster than any other hair transplantation methods. It’s less likely to occured oedama. The surgery lasts approximate 6-9 hours. Sapphire Percutane Method is done in very few clinics in world. In a standard hair transplantation the recovery time is 15-20 days while in Sapphire Percutane method is 3-7 days.

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Hair transplantation with Percutane Method

Sapphire hair transplantation method used for openning channel in which hair follicles will be planted.

The device used in hair transplantation obtained from natural sapphire and do not damage the skin tissue.

Patients’ View

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Advantages of Sapphire Percutane Method

  • Because Sapphire is a natural element that does not harm the skin.
  • The recovery time is faster
  • There is a little pain after this method
  • There is less bleeding in the channels
  • The risk of infection is less with this method
  • The materials used in the sapphire method are disposable.
  • Hair is more natural

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Recovery Process

Recovery time is faster. You can go back to your daily life in a few days.

You should protect your head area after Sapphire Method.


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