PRP Method

In PRP treatment, vitamine-rich cells obtained from patient’s own blood are treated by applying to the problematic area.

PRP treatment is generally used in sagging, wrinkles and acne scars.


PRP which is done while Hair Transplantation is used for speed up to recovery time for scars after hair transplantation.

PRP method is prefered to vitalize hair begin to shed and lose their vividness. With PRP hair loss start to slow down and strands begin to stronger.

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PRP Applied

PRP is a technique that should be done by experts. First the blook taken from the patient is taken into a special tube under sterile conditions.

Blood separation is done by centrifugal machine. Vitamin-rich plasma is extracted from blood. Then this serum is injected the problematic area. PRP lasts about 6-7 sessions and is done every 2 weeks.

Patients’ View

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Hair Treatment with PRP

100-150 hair loss per day is normal in every person. However, if the amount of this shed more than 100-150 it’s serious. It’s aimed to achieve more successful result in hair treatment by PRP. The blood is taken from the patient and separated by special tools then injected into the patient. Generally succesful results are observed after a few sessions of PRP. Small disappearance in body marks, improvement in sagging skin and intensity of hair occurs.

In normal conditions there are no side effects. However, in some specific cases small bruises can be seen.

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Advantages of PRP

PRP is also used for the removel of wrinkles in the skin, vitality in the skin or rapid healing of injuries such as sports injuries. PRP that used for hair gives natural results and is a safe technique not create any alergies.

As a result, we offer more creative solutions to your hair problems with PRP. Spilled hair starts to become stagnant over time and you get more vivid appearence.


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