Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Turkey

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Turkey

Nasal aesthetic surgery, which we call rhinoplasty, is performed under general anesthesia by being completely sleepy. The patient does not feel any pain as he sleeps completely. Aesthetic nose surgery takes 2-3 hours on average, depending on the procedures to be performed in the nose. We can use both techniques defined as closed or open technique according to the nose type. With ultrasonic rhinoplasty, we reduce the traumatic procedures and soft tissue damage in the patient by minimizing the formation of swelling and bruising after surgery by thinning it with a special tool without breaking the bone. We correct the breathing problems, if any, while correcting the shape of the nose.

Especially in recent years most of the people from Europe and all around the world chose Turkey for rhinoplasty operation. The reasons behind this are cheaper than their country, existence of qualified surgeons and high quality of health care.

Can patients from abroad be operated the day after the examination?    

If possible, we would like to inform our overseas patients about the detailed examination and the operation process once before the surgery. If not, we make our interviews via mail or phone, meet face to face the day before the surgery and plan their operations within the next day. After na rhinoplasty, we put a cast on our patients on the nose. After the operation, we take this cast on 5th day. In this regard, we tell our patients to spend 6 – 7 days for themselves.

Our suggestions for those who want to have a rhinoplasty

First of all, they should research and choose their surgeons very well. Performing this surgery requires good plastic surgery training and experience (you can ask him / her Board Certification in order to detect quality of the surgeon). First of all, what is the specialty? Today, the internet is frequently used for research, but only the internet is not enough. What are the studies on this subject, how the results of previous surgeries should be investigated, if possible, decisions should be made with these references. Internet ads and some forums mislead people. In addition, the operation must necessarily be requested by the person himself, he should not have this surgery with the request of his surroundings, he should have it done for his own happiness.

What is revision rhinoplasty?

We call the case revision rhinoplasty if patient had another nose surgery before. Sometimes people apply us for revision rhinoplasty due to correction of previous operation or if their problem still exist (breath problem or unsatisfied shape result).

What does the package include?

  • Accommodation (this is the recommended time by the doctor for recovery and check-up, 1 or 2 nights will be in the hospital)
  • VIP transfers (we will be taking you from airport to hotel and then hospital and back to your hotel and to doctor’s clinic and then back to airport so on.)
  • Your personal translator
  • All preoperative assessments (blood tests, chest xray if needed)
  • All hospital fees
  • Follow up checkup after the operation by the doctor after the operation