How much do you know about rhinoplasty? The Nose Job is a very common plastic surgery procedure that can offer relief from both cosmetic and functional problems. If you’ve ever thought of getting a nose job for some cause, it’s important to distinguish the truth of the rhinoplasty from the myths that don’t get it right. In this article, I will mention 6 myths about nose job that is not completely true. 

  • Nose jobs are so obvious: This popular nose job myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there are examples of unfortunate-looking rhinoplasty outcomes out there. The truth though is that you probably saw a lot of people who had rhinoplasty, and you never knew it. A nose job that results in a plastic, synthetic, or pinched look is not the perfect outcome.
  • You can have any nose you like: Having a nose job isn’t like getting a new car and you can’t just say, “I’m going to take that sporty one.” One rhinoplasty fact that is particularly difficult for some people to swallow is that there are limits to what can be done by facial plastic surgery. They all have different dimensions and proportions. A plastic surgeon needs to work with what you’ve got, and certain transformations are just not practical or may look rather unnatural. Although you might be able to admire a nose that looks very flattering and proportionate to one person, know that their nose might not look as amazing to you.
  • Just celebrities and rich people can have nose jobs: Another myth floating between the reality of the rhinoplasty out there is that only wealthy or famous people have their nose job. Although many celebrities have indeed had rhinoplasty (even if they don’t admit it) most plastic surgeons do rhinoplasty for ordinary people more often than they do for TV personalities or movie stars.
  • It’s pointless to want rhinoplasty: First, not all rhinoplasty operations are conducted on their own for esthetic purposes. Rhinoplasty also blends shape with the feature, with many people opting for minor cosmetic changes when performing corrective work on their nose or sinuses. Second, it’s very unfair to say that someone pursuing a cosmetic change is in vain. The desire to have a more balanced or polished look is entirely understandable. Wanting to look your best is perfectly healthy and normal.
  • Any plastic surgeon can perform nose job: A nose job is far from a simple surgery but quite the opposite. The most important part of getting a good result from a nose job is choosing the right plastic surgeon to do it. Just because rhinoplasty is offered in a plastic surgery practice, it does not mean that the surgeons have the right to ensure the best results. Do your research and work only with a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial aesthetics and reconstruction.
  • Insurance also covers rhinoplasty: This is not true. Insurance providers typically do not cover rhinoplasty since they are commonly considered to be elective surgery. However, if you have a nose job to fix a functional problem, the insurance coverage can cover all or any of the procedures. Some non-cosmetic causes for rhinoplasty include a deviated septum, persistent nasal congestion, and other issues with breathing. If this is possible in your situation, you should ask your insurance agent.

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