Lip Filler

Lip filling is one of the important treatments that make the person look beautiful and attractive.

Lip aesthetics are generally performed with lip fillings.

What is lip filling?

Lip contouring, lip plump, deep lines in the forehead, lines at the edges of the nose, lip, jaw and lip folds in order to eliminate the occurrence of friction does not need surgical intervention.

It is possible to get rid of these problems with the filling material injected into the skin substructure for removal of lines and depressions in the skin. After about half an hour of this process, the skin gets the desired image. The skin becomes tense, rejuvenated and therefore makes the person feel good. It is also possible to return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

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How does the process work with lip filling?

The filler used in the process applied to the skin contains hyaluronic acid. This substance imparts vitality, moisture and tightness to the skin.

Since hyaluronic acid is one of the main building blocks of the skin, it can be safely applied to any desired area in the body and face area. Of course, the decision of the region to be applied alone should not be given by the patient and should be looked at by the expert should be decided jointly with the patient. The validity period of the application varies between 6 months and 1 year. After the lines and wrinkles are repeated, it may be necessary to renew the process.

Patient Feedbacks

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Am I an eligible candidate for Lip Filling?

One of the concerns in women probably has thin lips. The volume is increased by lip filling and the lines formed on the lip edges are eliminated.

Every woman who wants lip fill is a candidate. Of course, before giving up the risks and benefits of the doctor should be discussed in detail and decided.

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After Lip Filling

Swelling may occur after lip filling. This situation begins to decrease in a few days and passes after a while. Even bruising can be seen. In this case, it passes within a week.

It is very important to apply ice after lip filling treatment. This application should only be performed on the day of operation. Other days are not. Hot meals should be avoided that day and massage should be avoided.

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