When you undergo plastic surgery in a specialized clinic with all the guarantees like MayClinik, you do so in a health care center with a specialized medical staff that knows all the necessary hygiene and prevention protocols very well. In fact, our clinic has the health quality and security international certification provided by the Joint Commission International (JCI), and also abides by ISO protocols.

These certifications guarantee that our team takes every precaution necessary to carry out the procedures in a safe, sterile and hygienic environment, both during the consultation and during the medical intervention. We are also associated with one of the best private hospitals in Turkey and located in one of the most modern and best equipped hospitals in the country, Kolan international and Bayındır hospitals.    

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with all the necessary skills to deal with any incident: a cosmetic plastic surgeon, a professional nurse and a pharmacy doctorate, international case managers who are well qualified. The surgery to carry out the plastic surgery is performed in high quality hospitals where I mentioned above, and both the medical staff and the patient wear a face mask all time and use disinfected and disposable material.

All this, combined with our position in a country that has barely been affected by coronavirus, helps us to provide you with all the requisite guarantees that your operation will proceed smooth. Trust in MayClinik, as thousands of patients have already done just check the reviews on plastic surgery in Turkey, enjoy our online free consultation service, and discover why we are a world leader in 100% safe for plastic surgery.