Being a mother is a holy thing. The process is long and hard for a woman. The body changes, the hormones change, the appearance changes, all emotions, and responsibilities change. After the
pregnancy and having a baby you may want your body shape back . Thanks to modern technology, there are several plastic surgeries that help you get your body shape back. Maybe you will have a much slimmer and smoother contour with a mommy makeover surgery. Simply, the mommy makeover surgery is a combination of surgeries that aim to fix the deformation after being pregnant, having a child, and breastfeeding. According to the survey results and the patient’s reviews, the mommy makeover surgery is worth having.

Why is Mommy Makeover so Popular?

Due to social media, plastic surgeries can be popular from time to time. Women always want to be seen fit and young. Women’s physical changes are also dramatic, so workouts may not be enough. The mommy makeover surgery is a solution to have liposuction, breast lifting or breast enlargement, or reduction as well the tummy tuck operation. These operations are relatively cost-effective. You can consult your surgeon for more than one procedure at the same time. As the operations focus on abdominal muscles and breasts, it is easy to eliminate the sagging, deformed, and inelastic areas of the body. To raise children you need much more energy than before to boost your new outlook and boost your energy and moving abilities. 

What Does Mommy Makeover Include?

Mommy makeover surgery covers total maintenance for your body. From top to bottom you can refresh your body with a series of plastic surgeries. That’s why it’s called makeover. However, you sometimes look much better than before. The mommy makeover surgery generally includes breast augmentation and lifting. As gaining weight during pregnancy the abdominal part as tummy tuck procedure is also included in the pack. Liposuction and fat transfer are also applied due to the deformation and loosening of the skin for the body.

Basically, the following surgeries are included in the operations;

  • Breast augmentation and lifting
  • Liposuction and fat transfer
  • Tummy tuck 

According to your needs, you should consult your doctor for necessary operations. For example, breast augmentation and lifting are done once breastfeeding is completed. Liposuction and fat transfer are necessary operations as well to have your confidence back and get rid of the excessive loosen part that happened during pregnancy. With the help of liposuction, you will have more energy to take care of your kids, however the recovery period is also important and should be followed carefully. The tummy tuck is the most attractive part, so that you can have your abdominal power again. This total look makes you feel like your old self again.

Is Mommy Makeover Performed All At Once Or in Stages? 

İn fact, mommy makeover surgeries are popular. However,  the question of whether to have it all at once or more than one stage is popular as well. Actually, your doctor can give you the right answer. Generally,  surgeries are performed  altogether as it will be a more cost and time-effective solution and you will have one recovery time after the surgeries. However, it may be painful and you may not want it altogether. There is another option then, you can schedule the surgeries with your surgeon and get it performed by one or generally advised in two steps. You may have an illness or sensitivity for the recovery period or want to see the results and have the other one later on, it would be the reason to divide the operations. You may also add some other surgeries such as an arm lift or etc, so; it will be beneficial to discuss the needs and the operation details with your surgeon and schedule the best option.