BBL is gaining global popularity among women, especially in the last decade. Although the Brazilian Butt Lift has not had a long history of breast enlargement, according to the ISAPS, it is one of the top 10 most effective plastic surgery procedures in the world. Of course, people have hundreds of questions about BBL, but one of the most outstanding is does BBL last forever? Before answering this question, as we normally do, let’s look at the basics of BBL first. Some of you call BBL “fat transfer to buttocks,” which is a good description.

BBL is a form of plastic surgery to improve the fullness and overall shape of the buttocks. The most important thing to remember about the Brazilian Buttock Lift is that your fat is using to make your bums look better. Most of us have unwanted fat accumulated in various parts of our bodies, usually in the lower back and abdomen. That is why BBL is often referring to as the movement of fat from the stomach to the buttocks. During your BBL surgery, this unwanted and unnecessary fat is extracted by liposuction and then inserted into your buttocks. Unlike, butt lift with implants, BBL uses your natural fat.

Will all of the fat stay and how long will it last?

Not all the fat injected will survive, to begin with. This is a reality regardless of the success of your BBL operation or the expertise of your surgeon. It is because of the nature of the BBL surgery. Research shows that the fat survival rate in BBL ranges from 40% to 80%. If a plastic surgeon promises a 100% fat survival rate, you need to leave their clinic ASAP because they are not being honest with you. You will begin to see the final outcome of your BBL 3 to 6 months after your surgery. So, the fat that survives 3-6 months after your BBL is going to be permanent. Plastic surgeons who are trained in BBL claim that “survived fat” can behave the same as fat in other parts of your body and stay in your body as long as you maintain your weight.

Also, post-op care plays a key role in determining the success of BBL. The newly injected fat would be “vulnerable” to some sort of pressure for a while. You would then be told to “do and don’t” after your BBL surgery, such as wearing a corset and not lying on your back. Unfortunately, some patients lose weight during this process because some very basic steps have not been taken. A patient needs to stop sleeping on his back so as not to place pressure on the newly injected fat. Heavy exercises also should be stopped for 3 months after surgery. Heavy exercise would eventually result in a loss of fat injected.

On the other hand, as with all other body contouring plastic surgery operations, you will need to control your weight in BBL too. Otherwise, the form of your body will eventually change. To be able to do this, you need a balanced lifestyle with healthy food and daily exercise. Being a non-smoker also has a positive effect on your BBL result. This is another great advantage of BBL, which certainly helps you to have a healthy life! So as long as you take the right steps, beginning with finding the highest quality BBL treatment followed by some basic post-op care, you’ll have a bum that you love forever.

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