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Genital Aesthetic

Genital aesthetic is one of the most prefered surgeries in our clinic.

We mostly do operations named labial reduction(labiaplasty) and vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty)

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What’s Genital Aesthetic?

The deformations may occur in the female genitalia due to aging and giving birth in women.

Reduction in the fat amount and color change in tissue and sagging in female genitalia may accrue. It is possible to restore the look of female genitalia with different methods. These methods are fat injection, labiaplasty, and vaginoplasty.

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The inner and outer lips that are shrunk will be tightened.

The doctor will decide which technique will be used after physical examination. The patient can return to her daily life after 24 hours. A natural look will be ensured without the loss of sense after the operation. Patients should avoid sexual intercourse for one and a half month after the operation.


It is correction of vaginal loosening which often adversely affect the sexual intercourse. Its goal is to tight and narrow the vagina. While the tightening the muscles is ensure in the treatment, the excessive tissues that cover the inner surface of the vagina are removed.

Operation is done with general anesthesia. Vaginal wall will be more thigh after the operation. Patient can go back to her daily life after 43 hours of operation and patients must avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.

Why Genital Aesthetic?

The main reason of genital aesthetic is sagging in the vaginal area after giving birth. The bad image can be cure with genital aesthetic and patient feels more confident after this surgery.

Some women got some psychological and functional problems because of congenital asymmetry disorder or the large surface area in vaginal lips.

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Who can have Labioplasty?

This surgery is performed for the women who doesn’t like their image of genitalia. It is enough to pass puberty for Labiaplasty surgery. Hymen is located inside the vagina.

Inner labia is located the outside of the vagina so that labiaplasty doesn’t any damage to hymen. As well, labiaplasty can be done for the women that giving birth or not.


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