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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastric Sleeve (Bariatric Surgery) in Turkey

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey


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Table of Contents

What is Gastric Sleeve (Bariatric Surgery) ?

Gastric sleeve: also known as sleeve gastrectomy, a type of weight loss (bariatric) surgery that renders the stomach smaller. In gastric sleeve surgery, over half of the stomach is removed, leaving a thin vertical sleeve, or tube, in place of the normal-sized stomach.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery (or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) is a bariatric procedure that removes 75-80% of the stomach.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Gastric Sleeve?

If your BMI greater than 40, or BMI of 35-39.9 with one of the obesity-related health problems, you are a good candidate for Gastric Sleeve Operation.

Obesity relates health problems are Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Fatty liver disease, or Hyperlipidemia. Gastric Sleeve is performed on women and men.

What Are the Risk of Gastric Sleeve (Bariatric Surgery)

Risks and side effects vary by bariatric procedure. The following list is not all-inclusive, but briefly outlines the risks of gastric sleeve. Your bariatric surgeon will make sure you understand the risks and complications of your specific procedure.

  • Blood clots
  • Gallstones (risk increases with rapid or
  • substantial weight loss)
  • Hernia
  • Internal bleeding or profuse bleeding of the
  • surgical wound
  • Leakage
  • Perforation of stomach or intestines
  • Skin separation
  • Stricture
  • Vitamin or iron deficiency

During the Procedure

You can share your concerns about weight loss. Our surgeon will share their thoughts with you too.

1- Needed Tests

Before the surgery, you will be examined but many experts and if you are %100 eligible both mentally and physically you will go through the surgery.

2- Anesthesia

During the surgical procedures, drugs are applied for your comfort. The operation is performing under general anesthesia.

3- Formation of Incisions

The formation of incisions varies according to the area or regions, the degree of recovery, the patient, and the surgeon’s preferences.

4- See the result

You can see the weighing result of the sleeve gastrectomy immediately after surgery. But it will take a few months before you see the end in your body.

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What to Expect?

Gastric Sleeve should be performed in a hospital. It should be done in an operating room environment. You will be anesthetized during the operation and you will not feel any pain during the operation.

You should talk with your doctor in detail about Gastric Sleeve surgery. As a result, you should expect realistic results. Your doctor should be able to tell you correctly, and you should understand it well.


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What Should be done after surgery?

Day 1: Clear liquid diet. Some surgeons allow patients to drink water a few hours after surgery

Day 2-14: Full liquid diet including protein shakes, yogurt, broth, milk, and juice

Weeks 3-5: Soft food diet

Patients can begin introducing regular food 5 weeks after surgery. They are encouraged to eat a small amount of food each time and have more frequent meals.

All patients must take multi-vitamin and B complex after surgery


For gastric sleeve patients, weight loss results come extremely fast, and patients can usually reach their Goal Weight (GW) in the first two years. It can be as long as a few days before patients can see results from gastric sleeve surgery.

6-month post-op results: 45% excess weight loss

1-year post-op results: 65% excess weight loss

3-years post-op results: 55% excess weight loss

5-years post-op results: 53% excess weight loss


How Much is Gastric Sleeve (Bariatric) Surgery in Turkey?

The cost of weight loss (bariatric) surgery might vary based on the surgeon’s experience, the kind and quantity of the surgical supplies used, the cost of the preoperative evaluation, and hospital costs. Naturally, private clinics have higher charges. Even if there are pricing variations throughout the world, with these operations, healthy outcomes matter more than money. Prices are obviously discernible in general, despite the fact that variations in currency rates and environmental factors in other nations/regions have an impact. The price may vary from clinic to clinic and there are several other factors that can affect the average price of gastric sleeves in Turkey. As a starting price, the average price of bariatric surgery in Turkey starts from €3,500.00 (an all-inclusive package).

How Long is the Gastric Sleeve (Bariatric) Surgery in Turkey?

Before the operation needed tests will be given and your doctor will decide whether you are eligible for the operation according to the patient’s test results. Gastric sleeve operation takes 1-1.5 hours under general anesthesia. One or two nights will be at the hospital. After your discharge from the hospital, your doctor will do your follow-up visit and if there isn’t any problem you may back to your country. When we calculate all steps considering there isn’t any problem, 4-5 days would be enough for your stay in Turkey for the operati

What Happens If You Eat Solıd Food After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

You should not eat solid foods for at least three months following gastric sleeve surgery. If you do this, the surgery’s success rate will decrease. You must be fed while under the care of a doctor. Remember that gastric sleeve surgery is ineffective on its own. The nutrition program following the surgery is very important. The purposes of diet and avoiding solid foods are to reduce liver fat and therefore its size due to the fact that the first pounds given are from the liver. In this way, the work of surgeons becomes seriously easier and thus the operation time is shortened. In addition, possible complications are minimum. Each patient’s diet is different. You should only eat foods that are on the doctor’s diet plan. Otherwise, you may be unable to lose weight following surgery and may even gain weight.

How to Resart Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve (Bariatric) Surgery?

Prior to having gastric sleeve surgery, patients are put on a highly limited diet to assist shrink their liver. Then, a few days prior to the procedure, they switch to an all-liquid diet. A section of the patient’s stomach is removed during gastric sleeve surgery, limiting its capacity to around 25% of its previous size. The patient’s ability to eat has decreased, and the food they do eat takes longer to digest. A special diet must be followed after gastric sleeve surgery to allow the stomach time to recover, and then a healthy diet must be continued for the rest of their lives in order to maintain their weight. Rapid weight reduction results from the bariatric surgery patients’ “all liquid” diet, the period of time required for the stomach to recover, and the decreased stomach size.