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    Table of Contents

    What’s Fat Injection?

    The deformations in the body which occur because of hereditary or environmental factors can be treated with fat injection.

    Leg aesthetics, facelift, breast enlargement, and butt lift are among the goals of fat injection.

    The fat injection process is the transfer of fats taken from another part of the body to another part of the same person.

    Particularly, fat injection is a procedure used for prominent of the face area, cheek, laceration bone, jawline, breast region, legs and genital area.

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    Is Fat Injection Permanent?

    If the procedure is performed right, the fat injection will be permanent. After the person’s fat is purified and re-injected, the rate of permanence is between thirty and seventy-five percent. Thirty percent of the rate is because of the wrong methods used.

    Smoking is one of the reasons that make it hard to get settled of fat, but it is permanent if will be performed right. We monitor the patient first 6 months, so we check all of his/her body and decide the second injection is necessary or not. The second injection is done for volume, otherwise, fat injection is permanent.

    What is the effects of fat injection?

    There are 2 effects of fat injection. The first one is the effect of filling and the second one is the regenerative effect. The filler effect provides newly formed cells with the transformation of the fat cells. The patient’s face contour is changed thanks to the filler effect and lines in the face are gone. It is the same with the cheekbone, pogonion, lips, and eyes area. The regenerative effects provide with injected fats. This gives skin a new and young look.

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    What’s the common areas for the Fat Injection?

    The fat tissues which are used in operation remove from the patient’s body with Liposuction. The fat is primed then injected into the needed area. Fats makes the faster speed of treatment and gives skin vividness.

    This method, which can be easily used on the facial area, leaves no scar when it is used for rejuvenation of the skin. It closes wrinkles, clarifies the cheekbones, and makes the lips thicker. This method, which is also preferred in breast augmentation operations, is a good alternative for patients who do not want to use silicone prostheses. Thanks to the fat injection used in leg aesthetics, leg fineness, leg distortions, and genetic defects can be corrected. Fat injection, which is also used in butt lifting operations, is applied by injecting the fat taken from the waist and abdomen to the butt area.

    How is Fat Injection performed?

    In the fat area of the body, the incisions are approximately 0.5-1 cm. These tissues put centrifuged for some time to be converted to a purer form. Purified fat tissues are applied to the area.

    You shouldn’t take any medicine which is antiaggregant for 1 week before the operation. Patients go back to their daily life right after the operation, but they must protect the area from the sun.n.

    After fat injection

    After completion of the procedure, cold compresses are applied to the injection area. The goal of this compresses will be to reduce swelling. However, cold compresses will not be disturbed to the person. Because in general, ice bags are applied in a region every 15 minutes, or gel is applied to the region.

    Slight swelling may occur in the treated area for two days. With only fat injection on the lips, the swelling can be longer. You can wash your face one day after the procedure. Massages may be required after 4-5 days.


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