Because of aging or genetics, eyebrows slide over the eyelids due to decreased facial flexibility and saggy. The lines formed on the forehead are creating a fatigued, tired, and depressed look. The eyebrow lifting operation gives the eyes and brow a stronger look and aims to rejuvenate the area. These operations became much simpler and painless as technology progressed.

If your eyebrow ptosis disturbs you, these problems can be eliminated by surgery. Correction of the eyebrow can be performed using endoscopic procedures and Botox. Botox procedure is easy and quick and is safer for patients because it can be done without surgery. However, treatment in the Botox procedure is not permanent, and the process should be performed regularly. The endoscopic approach is the operation performed without incision and marks, with the aid of small and thin cameras called endoscopes. In the endoscopic procedure, a small number of holes inside the scalp are drilled and the surgery is done almost without bleeding. With this method, no marks occur as before and it swells less. Also, the recovery period lasts much shorter.

There is no big risk in eyebrow lifting operations, but the patient is a smoker, he/she must quit immediately. If blood thinner and vitamin pill are used, it is important to take a break even though bleeding is not observed. One day before the procedure, you should be in the hospital and you should have reported on your tests and anesthesia. Often, your doctor will provide you with the requisite details in advance in case of surgery.

After the procedure of eyebrow-raising, there will be a slight cut in the scalp that will stay in the hair but, due to the hair, this scar will not be visible, and the mark will fade with time. You will have to apply cold compresses around your eyebrows after the process. After the operation, some bruises may form on your head, but these bruises will get better over time and they won’t do any harm. There could be a slight headache, and this can be removed by your doctor with the appropriate treatments.

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