Losing a tooth or several teeth is something that all of us will face throughout our lives. We fall and knock out teeth, teeth are lost due to decay or we are getting old and our teeth are falling out. We only get one set, and we might inevitably lose a few along the way. So, it’s normal to want to know more about how and why dentures and bridges are. Dentures and bridges can be added to any mouth in need of repair and allow patients to eat, drink, smile and kiss confidently. If you don’t have a trained dentist or prosthodontic surgeon near you, you can still find the best dentist at the right price in a range of idyllic vacation destinations around the world. Do your research before you start looking for the opens in a new window rental packages, learn more about the how’s and why’s of dentures and bridges here.

Dentures: Dentures or opens false teeth in a new window are complete sets of temporary replacement teeth. They are used when natural teeth are lost due to accidents or injuries, tooth loss, or aging. Dentures assist with eating and drinking, smiling and kissing, and preventing the presence of a puckered and older fact.

  • Facts about denture
  • Replacement for complete tooth loss
  • Two or more visits for two weeks
  • Other options including dental implants

Bridges: Bridges or opens are fitted in a new window component denture where any natural teeth remain.  Replacement of the teeth attached to fill the distance produced by the loss of your teeth and help with the overall spacing of your teeth. This process can be completed in two to three visits within a week.

  • Facts about bridges
  • Replacement for partial tooth loss
  • Two of more visits for one week
  • Other options including dental implants

Preparation: The prosthodontic can take measurements of your mouth and jaw to produce samples of dentures. The sample dentures will be adjusted to suit your mouth correctly, ensuring that the color, fit, and shape of the replacement teeth are correct. The final denture will be prepared for you using this sample denture. The entire treatment may take up to two weeks.

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