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Gum Aesthetic

Harmony and ratio of the tissues and structures are taken into consideration while talking about aesthetics.

Appearance of teeth, appearance of gum, and ratio of gum is considered if we talk about an asthetic face, as we have to consider the appearance of smile. As a fact, gum aesthetic operations are developed to create this harmony.

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Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)

“Appearance of Smile” is getting more and more important every single day as the “ Importance of Aesthetics” is getting a major requirement in our lives. Our smile is the first thing if we are talking about a “beautiful facial expression” or an “aesthetic face”.

Components of our smile are our teeth, gum, lips, cheeks and also harmony of all these units. Including all these factors, starting with having healthy teeth, having harmony of these structures with special ratios can be defined as “Smile Design”.

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Teeth Whitening

Having “shiny and white teeth” is the global point of view for having a good smile. Many studies are done for this topic for over hundreds of years. Teeth whitening application can be done to make people happy, whose teeth are discolored due to environmental factors (drug usage, smoking, insufficient oral care, colored food usage, etc..) genetic factors.

Standart ultrasonic teeth cleaning and surface polishing has to be done before “Teeth whitening” procedure.

Patients’ View

As MAYCLINIK, our main goal is serving our patients with the highest level of quality and enabling our patients to live the experience in the most satisfying way by being next to them whenever they need at this step taken by them to change themselves. Why MAYCLINIK? Listen this from our patients.

Digital Dentistry

Another example of putting into 3 Dimensional devices into our lives is digital dentistry devices which are developed with the last technology. Digital Era for dentistry has already started and being developed as fast as it can.

Digital Dentistry Devices can be sort as follows;

  • 3D Tomography devices
  • Digital Radiography devices
  • Cad-Cam devices
  • Aesthetic Design software and production devices

With the help of routine usage of 3D Tomography devices, success rate for dental surgical operations is raised up. 3D Tomography devices used to be expensive devices and just could be found in big hospitals. And they can be found in some of dental clinics as well. With the help of tomographic examination we can determine the jaw bone’s density, quality and all shape in a few minutes. So the risks of surgical operation are minimized as the surgeon has a lot data for the area he’ll work.

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Dental Implantation

It is certain that early loss of one or more teeth may cause to feel uncomfortable while chewing or speaking. Several types of solutions exist to fix this situation. We can talk about “Dental Implants Application” as a treatment type which can act like natural tooth structure most and adapt best with the oral tissues.

On the day, it is possible to apply 4 units of dental implants for each jaw and make fixed dentures (screw retained or bar retained) to regain the natural functions.


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