Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul TurkeyDeep Plane Facelift İstanbul TurkeyDeep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey

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Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey

Deep Plane Facelift in Turkey

Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey


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Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey


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Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey


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Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey


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Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey


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Deep Plane Facelift İstanbul Turkey


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What is Deep Plane Facelift?

The deep plane facelift, while the most invasive facelift technique, offers patients the longest lasting results.

This technique elevates and repositions the facial tissues under the SMAS. This is the layer of muscle that is repositioned in a traditional facelift by means of tightening.

Who can have Deep Plane Facelift?

Practically anyone can have a deep plane facelift. On the other hand, we also see younger women with the deep plane facelift than older women whom would expect facelifts to be having

Since the deep plane procedure lifts muscle and tissue on the face, it may be recommended by facial plastic surgeons to comparatively younger people who would like to avoid the signs of ageing in the first place.

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Why the deep plane facelift is more effective than other facelifts?

The deep facelift plane allows a surgeon to do a more thorough job dealing with the effects of ageing on the face and neck. It lifts the whole face by repositioning deeper tissue layers. The result accentuates the cheekbones, jawline and neck. It is particularly good at lifting the mid face, an area that does not respond well to other types of facelift.

It produces longer lasting results than other facelifts. Because near the skin surface there is little tissue damage, there is less bruising and bleeding in patients with a deep facelift. But the best thing about the facelift of the deep plane is that it leaves little to no evidence of a facelift that has happened.

There is no skin pulled, no telltale and the look of plastic just-had a-facelift. People actually look good relaxed, rejuvenated and healthy after a deep plane facelift, not as if they had gone under the surgeon’s knife. They look much healthier, and definitely much younger, but not so glaringly. This is very much appreciated nowadays, as people move away from obvious results toward subtle improvements that stand the test of time.

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How long does it take and what is the recovery time?

The deep plane operation takes time between three to five hours. About recovery time, usually it demands less downtime than other facelifts. Most of the people who has Deep Plane Facelift can go back to their works after two weeks. Other facial lifting techniques typically take longer.

What is the cost of Deep Plane Facelift?

For the best price information please contact with as from (  It is possible to find prices according to your budget as a package. What does package include is;

VIP transfers (we will be taking you from airport to hotel and then hospital and back to your hotel and to doctor’s clinic and then back to airport so on.)
Your personal translator
All hospital fees and needed tests.
Follow up checkup after the operation by the doctor


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