To whom hair transplantation is done?

It is performing to a group of people who exposed to androgenic hair loss due to factors such as age, hormone, familial inheritance. Also, hair transplantation can perform to males too after consultation by professionals. Hair transplantation may also be performed if it is deemed appropriate for people who have already undergone hair transplantation but are not happy and who have a bare region on their hair after burning.

Can everyone have hair transplantation?

The following are considering for good candidate of hair transplantation;

  • The hair loos level is %50.
  • General health condition is suitable for the operation.
  • The hair loss type is compatible with the operation.
  • The donor area is sufficient for operation.

If the conditions above exist, then anyone can have hair transplantation. There is no age limit for hair transplantation but preferably between 22-65 age generally found appropriate.

How can I know if I am suitable for hair transplantation?

The first examination is making via pictures to understand suitability for hair transplantation. The doctor informs the patient about his / her situation and how much he/she is available for the operation. Final face to face examination also doing in the operation day and final decisions are making.

Where is hair transplantation done and how long does it take?

Hair transplantation operation is performing at sterile clinics and hospitals. It depends on the nature of hair and number of grafts, but the operation takes between 4-8 hours approximately.

How many grafts can be transplanted in one session?

In the FUE method, the hair follicles taken individually from the patient are transferred to the appropriate area. The number of grafts to be taken to create a natural hair appearance varies according to the hair density of the patient. Average number of grafts varying between 3000-6000 can be mentioned.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

  • After the operation, the doctor will explain each step and patients should follow evert step and be careful.
  • Especially in the first 48 hours is important. You should protect your head from any physical impacts and harmful sun rays. You can wear some hats that won’t touch the transplanted area such as golf hats.
  • While sleeping you should be careful that your follicle should not touch the pillow and back lying position is appropriate for sleeping in this period.
  • You should stay away from soma activities that can be damage to physical harm such as football. Also, you should stop some other activities such as swimming or sauna.
  • The first three days are important for washing hair. You shouldn’t wash your hair in these 3 days and your first wash should be done in a clinical setting on the third day.

Is hair transplantation a risky operation?

Hair transplantation is not a serious or risky operation especially when the doctor and team professional. Skin infection is a very first risk of the operation but that can happen only if the clinic or the devices are not sterile and be performed by an unprofessional team. Correct drawing of the hairline and transplanting in the right direction are among the factors to be considered. After the hair transplantation process, acne and small-sized wounds may occur in the region where the transplantation is performed, but it is temporary.

How long does it take to see result and how many days are enough for people coming from abroad?

Early results can be seen in the first four months, but the final result can be seen within the year. Also, 3 days are enough to stay in Turkey for hair transplantation. You can go back to your country after your first wash on the third day.