Even if a friend or family member recommends someone, they consider the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, make sure to do your research well if you’re considering ethnic rhinoplasty. This is because, without experience conducting the operation on individuals with diverse cultures and ethnicities, even a seasoned rhinoplasty specialist may not be the best option. The goal of rhinoplasty, in general, is to reshape or resize the nose.  This is also true in ethnic rhinoplasty, but an extra layer in difficulty is involved in understanding the subtle distinctions and retaining the distinctive ethnic characteristics of the noses of Asian, African American, and Hispanic patients. So, when looking for a plastic surgeon who is well suited to ethnic rhinoplasty, what else do you look for?

  • First, make sure you find a board-certified plastic surgeon (not physicians who call themselves “cosmetic” surgeons). It needs comprehensive, thorough training and experience to be accredited by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Our surgeons for example Board Certified and that means you will be in certified professional hands.
  • Second, choose a specialist. This goes hand in hand with verifying that the facial plastic surgery board certified a surgeon. Beyond this certification, though, find a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty. Ask how many operations per month the surgeon conducts and how many years of specialization you can profit from.
  • Third, make sure that a surgeon with before-and-after images of real patients may show clear past outcomes. Seeing these images will assure that when addressing your cosmetic priorities, you and the surgeon are on the same page.
  • Finally, select a surgeon that you trust has the sensitivity and empathy to understand why you want to alter the appearance of your nose, and this is probably the most personal aspect. Facial plastic surgery can be a very emotional experience because you’re changing who you see in the mirror. You deserve to work with a surgeon who cannot just transform you but support you as well.

Overall, with ethnic rhinoplasty, a surgeon who recognizes ethnic facial differences and has good aesthetic sense will be consistently effective. The most important thing that you can do to guarantee a better outcome is to select the best possible surgeon.