Bariatric surgery is intended to promote significant weight loss within a relatively short time. If bariatric surgery is not a success, whether due to surgery complications or ineffective weight loss results, it can be very disappointing. Individuals who are disappointed with their initial bariatric operation also ask if you should have bariatric surgery twice. Patients who agree with these issues will collaborate with us to arrange a revision of weight loss surgery to obtain the outcomes they want.


While a second bariatric operation is necessary, it is not recommended in all cases. To decide whether a person is an appropriate candidate for a revision of weight loss surgery, physicians first need to consider the reason why surgery is being considered.

  • Insufficient Weight Loss: Much of the time, people are undergoing revision surgery because they have not reached their weight loss results in a reasonable time or have lost weight. If insufficient weight loss is the product of surgical complications, or if surgical complications cause food shortages or other problems, remedial surgery is likely to be the correct option. However, if individuals have started to overeat or are not on a nutritious diet, they should make sufficient lifestyle improvements to get back on track with their weight loss efforts.
  • Surgical Complications: Ifa revision of weight loss surgery is required to change the surgical changes or to resolve complications, individuals may be suitable candidates as long as they are in good physical health, are free from conditions that may raise the risk of surgery and have reasonable expectations of the outcome of their procedures. Finally, all remedial weight loss surgery applicants must also be dedicated to maintaining a balanced diet and exercise schedule.

Success Rate

A significant number of people are having great success with the revision of weight loss surgery. It is essential, however, that they are committed to maintaining a balanced diet and active exercise routine. These patterns will not only facilitate weight loss after surgery but will also support long-term weight loss outcomes. It is important to note that, while bariatric surgery can produce excellent results, it is somewhat limited. Even after successful weight loss, individuals can struggle with excess skin or stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise. Plastic surgery could be the best way to resolve these concerns.