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Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world.

Every year, many women’s breast surgically removed due to breast cancer. Breast reconstruction is the reconfigure of breast by using the own tissue of the patients.

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What’s Breast Reconstruction?

The time of breast reconstruction operation should be determined in mutual decisions of the general surgeon, oncologist and plastic surgeon. If everything is appropriate and fully prepared mastectomy (breast-removal operation) and breast reconstruction can be done simultaneously.

The treatment history of the patient is crucial for the methods to be used. If the patient received or need to receive radiotherapy, then silicone prosthesis application is not suitable.

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Patients’ View

As MAYCLINIK, our main goal is serving our patients with the highest level of quality and enabling our patients to live the experience in the most satisfying way by being next to them whenever they need at this step taken by them to change themselves. Why MAYCLINIK? Listen this from our patients.

What are the risks?

Breast reconstruction surgery decision is extremely important. You’ll have to consider if the benefits will achieve your goals and if the risk and potential complications are acceptable.

These risks and others will be explained by our consultants before your permission be taken. It’s vital that you should take into consideration all your questions with your plastic surgeon. Breast reconstruction operation does not change the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Possible risks of breast reconstruction include bleeding, infection, poor healing of the incisions, and anesthesia risks.

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After Surgery

After a few weeks of surgery, you may experience tiredness and pain. Your doctor may recommend medication to control your pain. After surgery, drain tubes can be inserted for a short time to remove excess fluids.

After breast reconstruction is done, wound dressing and bandage will be applied. An elastic bandage or support bra will be suggested to minimize the swelling and to support breast when it recovers.


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