Breast Aesthetics Turkey

Breast aesthetic surgery is about changing the volume and shape of a breast in proportion to the body and the requirement of the individual by using different surgical techniques. Requirements can be different depending on the individual, and therefore the surgery should be completely tailored with the individual’s needs in mind. There are mainly three types of breast aesthetic: breast augmentation and breast reduction and uplift.

A breast reduction, or a reduction mammoplasty, can reduce a significant amount of volume and alleviate excess weight in the breast area. It does this by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue to reduce the size of the breasts. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is most beneficial for women who have sagging breasts. This type of procedure reshapes and supports the breast tissue to achieve a more youthful figure. Breast augmentation also known as augmentation mammoplasty is surgery to increase breast size. It involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles.