Patients can eat much less and lose weight much faster than dieting and exercise alone, no matter how scaled down the stomach, but the excess lobes of the skin still remain behind afterwards.  Under competitive sports these will no longer vanish on their own and affect the patients at least as much as the previous overweight. This is above all a big aesthetic concern, but it also presents hazards to the skin as these skin flaps rub against each other, which can also lead to inflammation and open spots which is very painful. Therefore, it is advisable to remove this excess skin and most often it hits the stomach and upper arms.

At “MayClinik” affected patients will easily and cheaply find medical support. The price includes flights, accommodation and all transfers. First, there is comprehensive free consultation by qualified doctors and a personalized care plan for each patient is developed. Only when you decide on the operation MayClinik will organize your trip and operation in private hospitals in Istanbul that meets all European standards.

MayClinik will provide you with appropriate doctors who are competent in this area, with a lot of experience and much empathy for a full-body contouring. They will keep track of your medical background and warn you about your chances and surgical risks. You can then determine whether to undergo surgery to finally wear carefree sleeveless or crop tops or sunbathe in a bikini. You can wear shorts or short skirts once again when you eventually get rid of your trouble areas on the thighs. A full-body toning is certainly worth it for you for a complete cosmetic effect after a reduction of the stomach with heavy weight loss.

The surgery may be done under general anesthesia or, for example, with local anesthesia on the abdomen, depending on the body region in which the tightening is to take place. The scars have cured after a few months and you can look forward to your new figure. As a man, without thinking about anything, you can go back to the swimming pool and women can also acquire a whole new self-esteem. If the tightening happens on the back, on the arms or legs, and on the belly, it will allow you to recover a new sense of life.

Cheap full flight, hotel, move, treatment and aftercare packages in Istanbul during this period will make you feel well cared for. Friendly staff and outstanding cosmetic surgeons in Istanbul have an enjoyable environment during your full body toning and maximum results. Only contact us and let our doctors show you how a full-body toning will achieve more physical satisfaction.