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In Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (BBL), the fat, which is taken from the belly, buttocks, waist, and back with a liposuction procedure, is purified by a variety of processes and injected as micro-droplets into layers of varying depth as needed in the butt region. The fats taken from these areas are transferring to the butts. In that way, the person gets rid of extra fats and has a bigger and good shaped butt at the same time.

The most important thing in this operation is the surgeon’s experience in transferring a large amount of fat. In general, the same amount of fat is transferred to both sides of the butt and gives a symmetrical appearance. It is necessary to be careful about applying techniques for fat removal, fat isolation, and re-injection to increase the amount of fat graft and to avoid the formation of nodules and fluid cysts. When we consider that some of the fat will disappear after a period of time, it is better to transfer more fat from the required amount and the surgeon should arrange that carefully. At this point, an experienced surgeon is really important once again.

Another advantage of this method, which helps reshape the body, especially the part between the waist and the hip area, is that the fat injected into the butt area is long-lasting and safe, since it is the person’s own tissue.

The fat is taken from the body with liposuction and transferring to the butt for a more lifted appearance. This operation does not need to stitch and for this reason, there will be no scar too. That is why you don’t need to be concerned about the scar over your butt area.


To whom hair transplantation is done?

It is performing to a group of people who exposed to androgenic hair loss due to factors such as age, hormone, familial inheritance. Also, hair transplantation can perform to males too after consultation by professionals. Hair transplantation may also be performed if it is deemed appropriate for people who have already undergone hair transplantation but are not happy and who have a bare region on their hair after burning.

Can everyone have hair transplantation?

The following are considering for good candidate of hair transplantation;

  • The hair loos level is %50.
  • General health condition is suitable for the operation.
  • The hair loss type is compatible with the operation.
  • The donor area is sufficient for operation.

If the conditions above exist, then anyone can have hair transplantation. There is no age limit for hair transplantation but preferably between 22-65 age generally found appropriate.

How can I know if I am suitable for hair transplantation?

The first examination is making via pictures to understand suitability for hair transplantation. The doctor informs the patient about his / her situation and how much he/she is available for the operation. Final face to face examination also doing in the operation day and final decisions are making.

Where is hair transplantation done and how long does it take?

Hair transplantation operation is performing at sterile clinics and hospitals. It depends on the nature of hair and number of grafts, but the operation takes between 4-8 hours approximately.

How many grafts can be transplanted in one session?

In the FUE method, the hair follicles taken individually from the patient are transferred to the appropriate area. The number of grafts to be taken to create a natural hair appearance varies according to the hair density of the patient. Average number of grafts varying between 3000-6000 can be mentioned.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

  • After the operation, the doctor will explain each step and patients should follow evert step and be careful.
  • Especially in the first 48 hours is important. You should protect your head from any physical impacts and harmful sun rays. You can wear some hats that won’t touch the transplanted area such as golf hats.
  • While sleeping you should be careful that your follicle should not touch the pillow and back lying position is appropriate for sleeping in this period.
  • You should stay away from soma activities that can be damage to physical harm such as football. Also, you should stop some other activities such as swimming or sauna.
  • The first three days are important for washing hair. You shouldn’t wash your hair in these 3 days and your first wash should be done in a clinical setting on the third day.

Is hair transplantation a risky operation?

Hair transplantation is not a serious or risky operation especially when the doctor and team professional. Skin infection is a very first risk of the operation but that can happen only if the clinic or the devices are not sterile and be performed by an unprofessional team. Correct drawing of the hairline and transplanting in the right direction are among the factors to be considered. After the hair transplantation process, acne and small-sized wounds may occur in the region where the transplantation is performed, but it is temporary.

How long does it take to see result and how many days are enough for people coming from abroad?

Early results can be seen in the first four months, but the final result can be seen within the year. Also, 3 days are enough to stay in Turkey for hair transplantation. You can go back to your country after your first wash on the third day.   


If the surgeons are experienced in it, hair transplantation is typically a straightforward procedure. Turkey is also the ultimate destination of choice for those who wish to perform hair transplants. Recent advancements in technology and investments have made hair transplants more available. As a result, the demand for hair transplants in Turkey has increased tremendously in recent years. Also, the full range of cost estimates and online comparisons makes it challenging to decide easily. This guide will give you the factors you should consider when making an informed hair transplant decision in Turkey.

What is a hair transplant?

It is a surgical operation that takes about 4-6 hours to restore the appearance of thinned or damaged hair (depending on how many hair follicles are to be transplanted). FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most common, successful process. The grafts taken from the upper part of the person’s nape are transplanting into another region during the operation. The reason the graft is taken off the nape is that this region has a hair loss resistant structure.

Specialized Treatment

Pay for specialized care. It is best to select a hospital to operate with highly skilled and qualified surgeons. A hair transplant surgeon should inform patients about complications and side effects that may occur after treatment. Also, the doctor and the team should be reachable at any time by patients when they have complaints or questions.

What are the number of transplants and price?

The number of grafts required for the hair transplant would directly influence the price; most transplants plus the final treatment cost is high. Unless a clinic or surgeon offers a fixed rate regardless of the number of operations required (as is often the case with clinics in Turkey, the number of transplants will determine the final price). Also, depending on the procedure recommended or chosen, the final cost of treatment may vary.

What are the transplant methods?

There are several techniques for hair transplantation. The most common technique is the follicular unit extraction technique (FUE), in which each follicular unit is transplanted one by one. Other methods include follicular transplantation (FUT) or bandaging, which involves removing a band of hair from the back of the head and placing the units in the receiver area. After the hair is collected from the nape area, they are transplanted to the needed areas.

Does hair transplant make you sick?

The operation will perform under local anesthesia to prevent pain. During the healing process, you can feel discomfort. However, any pain or possible problems can be treated with standard painkillers or medications. Doctors performing hair transplantation in Turkey know this and give information about all.

Will the hair transplant will leave a scar?

FUE does not leave scars, and this is the safest choice if you want to keep your hair shorter. FUT surgery in the donor area is likely to leave a scar, although it may be covered in mid-length hair.

How does it take to see the result?

The first results can be visible after about four months. However, the final result can be seen within the year. If there is a big area that cannot be covered in one session, the second operation will be needed, and that situation can extend the period of the result.

Is the hair transplant permanent?

There is no exact guaranty for that. That depends on your grafts and natural person. However, generally, it is permanent and lasts a very long time.

What should I be careful when I chose the clinic?

When you are looking for the clinic you should be careful about your specialist and the team as a first step.  Your specialist should understand what exactly you need, and the team must do the necessary blood tests, and always pay attention to septic and new equipment. This is one of several reasons why Turkey is a great destination for hair transplants. Hair transplantation is typically a straightforward procedure, especially if the surgeons are experienced in it. Turkey is now the ultimate destination of choice for those who wish to perform hair transplants. For further information, you can contact us and ask any questions if you need besides this guide.


Tummy Tuck in turkey (commonly called abdominoplasty) is a surgical operation that removes wrinkles from the belly and waist areas by dissolving the fat under the skin and then raising the muscles of the belly, depending on the current techniques used in a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgery in Turkey for people who comes from abroad. The very first reason for this is surgeons in Turkey are highly experienced and professional in plastic surgeries. There two types of tummy tuck in Turkey;

  • Mini tummy tuck also is known as mini-abdominoplasty is done by people who have a small amount of fat and saggy skin over the abdominal area.
  • Full tummy tuck also known as full abdominoplasty and it is performing if there is too much fat or saggy skin over the abdominal area including waists.

Both of the operations are performing under general anesthesia and the operation takes around 3-4 hours depends on the patient’s situation. Most of the patients are staying at the hospital for 2 nights after the operation. However, it can be 1 night according to patient and doctor’s opinion with mini tummy tuck.

Turkey has the cheapest prices when we compare it with other countries such as European countries. When this factor combines with the quality, there wouldn’t be any surprise why Turkey has chosen for plastic surgery and this is another reason why Tummy Tuck in Turkey is popular. That is why many people from the world are preferring Turkey for Tummy Tuck and other plastic surgeries. Besides Tummy Tuck is cheaper and qualified in Turkey, there are some advantages and disadvantages of it.

The Advantages of Tummy Tuck:

  1. The patient will have a shaper, slimmer, and lifted body.
  2. The operation will be performing by the most qualified surgeons of plastic surgery.
  3. While having a better body, spending less money. Turkey is cheaper than most of the European countries and reaching beauty is cheaper here.
  4. The tummy tuck surgery is carried out at the most qualified medical centers, which has been approved by an international committee (ICRC).
  5. The patient will get the best treatment and a high level of medical facilities before getting the results.

The Disadvantage of Tummy Tuck:

  1. The tummy tuck is a painful operation, but this can be solved with medication given by the doctor.
  2. Rarely there can be bleeding after tummy tuck, but it lasts for 24 only.
  3. A complication of anesthesia can be happening as much as other surgeries.
  4. A blood clot can be happening rarely, and numbness can be seen for several months. Also, the infection might have occurred if aftercare won’t be done properly.
  5. The procedure of tummy tuck needs an extended period of recovery, and he must follow up with the medical center for up to a week that is not easy from a different country.


Patients can eat much less and lose weight much faster than dieting and exercise alone, no matter how scaled down the stomach, but the excess lobes of the skin still remain behind afterwards.  Under competitive sports these will no longer vanish on their own and affect the patients at least as much as the previous overweight. This is above all a big aesthetic concern, but it also presents hazards to the skin as these skin flaps rub against each other, which can also lead to inflammation and open spots which is very painful. Therefore, it is advisable to remove this excess skin and most often it hits the stomach and upper arms.

At “MayClinik” affected patients will easily and cheaply find medical support. The price includes flights, accommodation and all transfers. First, there is comprehensive free consultation by qualified doctors and a personalized care plan for each patient is developed. Only when you decide on the operation MayClinik will organize your trip and operation in private hospitals in Istanbul that meets all European standards.

MayClinik will provide you with appropriate doctors who are competent in this area, with a lot of experience and much empathy for a full-body contouring. They will keep track of your medical background and warn you about your chances and surgical risks. You can then determine whether to undergo surgery to finally wear carefree sleeveless or crop tops or sunbathe in a bikini. You can wear shorts or short skirts once again when you eventually get rid of your trouble areas on the thighs. A full-body toning is certainly worth it for you for a complete cosmetic effect after a reduction of the stomach with heavy weight loss.

The surgery may be done under general anesthesia or, for example, with local anesthesia on the abdomen, depending on the body region in which the tightening is to take place. The scars have cured after a few months and you can look forward to your new figure. As a man, without thinking about anything, you can go back to the swimming pool and women can also acquire a whole new self-esteem. If the tightening happens on the back, on the arms or legs, and on the belly, it will allow you to recover a new sense of life.

Cheap full flight, hotel, move, treatment and aftercare packages in Istanbul during this period will make you feel well cared for. Friendly staff and outstanding cosmetic surgeons in Istanbul have an enjoyable environment during your full body toning and maximum results. Only contact us and let our doctors show you how a full-body toning will achieve more physical satisfaction.


It is important for many expectant mothers at the latest when children and pregnancy is a topic than breastfeeding. After all, it’s not only about essential nutrients in breast milk, but also about an especially intense relationship between mother and infant. Still, is breastfeeding possible after breast reduction?

To answer the breastfeeding issue, you first need to be informed of the results of a breast reduction. There are many different methods which rely on breast size and texture. A section is taken vertically along the areola during surgery, often aside from the transverse fold. To further minimize volume, it extracts glandular and fatty tissue.

It might be appropriate to remove the areola for especially large or high-hanging breasts, to adapt to the new size and eventually to start over again. This macabre-sounding method ensures that the areola and nipple do not look inappropriate after surgery but fit the rest of the breast and their new size. Nevertheless, separating the nipples from the glands is important for this, which may lead to issues in an inappropriately conducted operation or breastfeeding complications.

This that happens periodically after breastfeeding is no longer possible by separating the nipple from the glandular tissue. Moreover, breast reduction is an operating technique which can also lead to sensory disruptions on the breast, nipple and areola. Breastfeeding may be necessary physically, but this may make the woman very uncomfortable and the emotional state is equally not insignificant.

The female body begins processing breast milk at advanced pregnancy. That leads to the nipple exit again and again, particularly in the last weeks before birth. The milk injection has thus begun, and from a purely physical point of view, nothing speaks against breastfeeding. For if foremilk comes out of the nipple, then the breast fulfills its normal function entirely.

Speak about it with your gynecologist or midwife in the event of confusion, discomfort, sensory problems or abnormalities. When you feel unwell, you’re concerned about problems or complications; with the help of pills, there’s the option to avoid milk production.

Only a few risks of breast reduction arise after breastfeeding. Naturally it is always necessary that a trained doctor performed the operation. The time between surgery and pregnancy of course also plays a part. If after the procedure everything has healed well and there are no problems, so there is nothing in the way of breastfeeding.


Since breast implants invention, there is a debate on where the breast implants are located. Many clinics and surgeons swear by the position of the implants under the pectoral muscle and educate even more potential cosmetic surgeons about this method of placing. This article discusses the different forms of placements and which form is suitable for whom.

Implants under the pectoralis muscle

In breast augmentation, the tendon is partly removed from the breastbone under the pectoral muscle, and the implant is placed below. The muscle of the chest covers up to 40% of the implant. It will be explained below why this method has certain disadvantages and is therefore rarely used.

Implants over the pectoralis muscle

The breast augmentation over the chest muscle positions the implants above the pectoral muscle so that they better blend into the existing tissue of the body. For both cosmetic and functional purposes, this form of breast augmentation is preferred, and is recommended for most patients. Also, it is recommended for natural look too. The majority of surgeons work in harmony with nature and want to retain its aesthetics. All female breast volumetric fatty tissue is located in front of the breast muscle. So why should an implant be forced behind the muscle which is supposed to enlarge the breast? During an operation the muscle is severed, and the implant is pushed underneath. This leads to a heavy and painful stretching that is associated with great pain and an impairment of function. It loses by cutting its strength by about 25%.

Admittedly, in everyday life this doesn’t happen too much, but it can lead to significant restrictions for women athletes. In addition, the muscle pushes with every movement on the implant. This can result in unsightly deformation and fatigue in the material. Another no small issue is that implants sometimes “stick” to the cutting line under the muscle. This leads to the so-called “double bubble” effect, where a kind of edge appears in the lower part of the breast and leads to an unsightly shift in breast shape.

Both forms can be used for both methods, depending on the individual wishes and anatomical conditions of the patients. However, most surgeon recommend the location of the implant over the pectoral muscle.


The number of women who are very happy with their breasts is very low. In old age, relaxing of the natural skin comes in or after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the bust size changes. Above all, gravity is the winner here as well. After these kinds of cases, many women want to have breast lift.

Good eating, plenty of water, a healthy lifestyle and plenty of skin care are excellent recommendations for a skin that looks firmer and younger. But that’s not enough at times and the breasts sag. It’s not the only women affected that suffered from that problem. The family and the environment can suffer with it too. At this stage a breast lift may be the solution. However, what does a breast lift come to you? We answer the most commonly asked questions.

 When is the useful time for breast lift?

Some women look in the mirror and unsatisfied bad with what they see and feel. Your breasts are now hanging due to age, pregnancy, lactation or a heavy weight loss and you are very dissatisfied with it. At least now you are considering making a tightening of your breasts. Do not just think about it, get happy again and get serious information on a breast lift.

How breast lift is performing?

With a light breast lift, cut only around the nipple and remove the excess skin. A further incision is made in a mid-thoracic raise from the lower middle of the nipple to the lower crease in the breast. This method will remove more skin. In the case of a heavy tightening, an additional cut is made horizontally to the middle breast raise parts in the breast fold, whereby a maximum excess skin may be removed. A breast lift is done under general anesthesia and usually takes about two to four hours, depending on the procedure’s effort.

What are the prices?

The amount of the costs depends on the extent of the intervention. The cost of a serious and sensible breast lift starts at around 2,500 euros and rises with the procedures size and quality. This price increase according to any extra job or expenses of accommodation, transfer and etc.

You will stay at the hospital for at least one night after the operation, because the breast lift is normally done under general anesthesia. You will be given a bandage to avoid swelling, which will be worn for about six weeks. Regular checks should be carried out during the healing process, and physical exertions should be avoided.


Do you suffer from a too large and too heavy breast? When you have cup D and more than that, it’s always a physical issue for you but also an aesthetic issue. Are you complaining about tension in the shoulders? You have constantly incisive bra straps and a lot of sweat? Even when the eczema is always a problem, therefore breast reduction is essential to you.

If you’re suffering from your large and heavy chest then the way to go is breast reduction at MayClinik in Turkey. A breast that’s too large is always a concern and the breasts appear to fall into the lower crease of the breast due to their own weight. Also, with ageing their glandular bodies recede and the skin loses its firmness. Then breast reduction is the way to go and is a natural solution for you.

At MayClinik you can secure a personal consultation appointment. With the motto “Beauty is in your hand”, the clinic in Turkey offers many options, including breast reduction. Surgery is a science, and it can be performed by the experts in Turkey. They should make the dream come true and get their breast reduction done there. Not only does an esthetician breast help you boost back pain, but it also increases your self-esteem.

In the private clinic in Turkey, you can get the breast reduction performed by the specialists. The globally recognized and licensed clinic is a good address for making this dream come true. Here you will experience the service from A to Z and the team of MayClinik receives only good ratings. From the initial contact to your breast reduction medical education you are well-advised. And there’s super coordinated treatment and departure too. You can feel free, because the procedure is certainly professional, and the overall medical care is great. The team at MayClinik is known for valuing price and results. They are cared for beautifully and can finally make your dream of a cheaper and professional smaller breast. For more and better information please give us call and we will be here for anytime to help you.


Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgery to tighten the abdominal wall, in which also excess fat is removed with liposuction. Then abdominoplasty usage is also provided because of an overweight hernia to people with sagging belly skin and as hernioplasty.

A tummy tuck is made in the abdominal region when there is a fat surplus (sagging belly skin). This is often the result of a large weight loss. The patients have already lost several pounds and with a tummy tuck the abdomen look is tailored to the new weight. This procedure is not for the reduction of fat, the weight should be decreased by a diet beforehand, but can be augmented by liposuction if appropriate.

A slim and tight belly is an expression of youthfulness and fitness for many women and also for many men. The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, provides surgical removal of excess tissue and skin in the abdomen to create a harmonious upper body contour. For many years, patients who are interested in a tummy tuck frequently suffered from a heavy abundance of tissue on their abdomen, which restricts their everyday lives. Patients also feel guilt overturning up in close or lightweight clothes and avoiding areas such as the beach, swimming pool or sauna. Consequently, cosmetic surgery also not only aims to create a totally fresh and optimistic experience of the body but often produces a strong mental change in patients.

Weight loses

One of the most common reasons why people think about a tummy tuck is overstretching of the skin and subcutaneous tissue as a result of heavy weight loss. Especially prominent is the skin coat on the stomach, whether those with previously high obesity have lost a lot in a short period either on their own strength or with medical aid (e.g. with a gastric band). Generally, the stretched skin lacks the necessary elasticity to adapt in time to the new body circumference. As a result, so-called fat aprons appear, which for many patients have the actually enjoyable experience of achieving ideal weight.


Expectant mothers are obviously looking forward to both pregnancy and conception, breastfeeding and the period afterwards. Tissue and skin spread into the abdomen during pregnancy. Despite sufficient gymnastics for rehabilitation, it may happen that the recognizable body shape will not reoccur in some cases. The residual excess tissue on the abdomen can then be removed only through surgical procedures. When family planning is complete, women will allow a tummy tuck after pregnancy to avoid re-intervention at a later point.

Aesthetic and Health Reasons

Primarily, patients decide to have a tummy tuck after due thought, since they are unhappy with her upper body appearance. Besides the cosmetic factors, the often-great guilt and the associated emotional anguish but also health problems may be the cause for a tummy tuck urge. Since the fabric apron rests on the skin and it can cause friction during movements, often arise in the skin folds painful skin irritation and infection. Also, ulcers occur in some cases. Furthermore, the excess skin flap restricts the freedom of movement of those affected and makes finding appropriate clothing difficult.

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