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For men and women alike, a toned and flat stomach is considered to be the epitome of a fit, healthy and attractive figure. But with so many factors actively working against you, whether due to genetics, childbearing, weight fluctuations, or lifestyle behaviors, achieving that slim and smooth belly can feel impossible. Tummy tuck surgery, otherwise known medically as an abdominoplasty, is a frequently requested surgical cosmetic procedure that helps patients attain the otherwise unattainable by tightening the abdominal muscles and eliminating excess fat and skin from the midsection for a more toned and sculpted stomach that lasts for years to come. To help you decide if tummy tuck surgery is right for you, we have debunked some of the more popular theories about tummy tucks.

Tummy tucks are a weight loss procedure: One of the most common myths about tummy tucks that patients have is that it is a surgery designed for people who want to remove a large amount of weight from their midsection. However, a tummy tuck is not considered to be a weight loss or bariatric procedure. Someone who is at or close to an average weight for their body and who is otherwise active and safe is the perfect candidate for tummy tuck surgery but is troubled by the presence of a protruding belly or sagging, loose skin on their stomach. That’s not to suggest that inside your abdominal area, a tummy tuck won’t fix excess fat. While after your abdominoplasty, your stomach will be flatter and slimmer, the number you see on your scale will not be drastically reduced. For this reason, you should be within a safe range of your target weight before undergoing the procedure if you are considering a tummy tuck, but you will also need to maintain a stable weight for at least six months.

With diet and exercise, you will achieve tummy tuck results: Diet and exercise are well known as the most powerful tools in your toolbox for weight loss, muscle building, and enhancing your overall health and wellbeing when it comes to having the slimmer and sleeker stomach you want. However, while each of us can integrate eating well and exercise into their everyday lives, in terms of the outcomes they can produce, conventional methods of weight loss do have their limitations. No matter how much time or energy you put into these efforts, even though you’ve reached your target weight, you may not regulate where you’re going to lose weight from and will still struggle with a stubborn belly. Additionally, some aesthetic concerns working out and eating right simply cannot address alone. For example, excess or stretched abdominal skin can generally not be reversed or tightened without surgery, especially if it is a result of pregnancy or massive weight loss. The abdominal muscles may also be weakened by childbearing or major weight changes and stretch the inner girdle of connective tissues known as the abdominal fascia, which only further exacerbates the appearance of a protruding belly. Tummy tuck surgery is the only way to restore a taut and youthful midsection of your skin, abdominal wall or fascia have been stretched.

Tummy tuck is only for women: For years, abdominoplasty has become an extremely common cosmetic choice for women, partially because of the many permanent midsection changes that follow pregnancy and childbirth, such as stretched skin and abdominal muscles. While women did make up for 96.8 percent of the total tummy tucks performed in 2018, men can also benefit from this procedure, and at the same time and it was the fifth most popular cosmetic surgery for men too in 2018. While men do not have to worry about the physical changes experienced by women’s bodies from pregnancy, they are not inherently resistant to the creation of a “dad body.” Heredity or drastic weight loss may leave men with stubborn belly fat or loose skin that makes them feel their midsection self-conscious. Tummy tuck surgery will tighten and tone the contours of your abdomen to allow clothing to fit better and restore a fit and youthful stomach that you are pleased to flaunt, whether you are male or female.

When you are ready to schedule your tummy tuck consultation, be sure to choose a Board-Certified plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons approved by the Board undergo a rigorous training phase and are evaluated by their colleagues in both a written and oral board approval process. Which why if the surgeon is Board-Certified that is also mean you are in professional hands.


Daily use of sunscreen SPF 30 or greater: The use of sunblock decreases the sensitivity of the skin to harmful UV radiation. In the form of fewer wrinkles and sunspots that could mar the youthful appearance of the skin, regular use of a physical (nonchemical) sunblock can have long-term benefits. Of course, a decrease in the occurrence of skin cancer in areas of the body exposed to the sun will be an added advantage.

Daily intake of oral Vitamin C supplements: Vitamin C is a vitamin that is water-soluble and is the most essential vitamin involved in healthy collagen production. Vitamin C is commonly found in a dietary form in foods such as the following: broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, orange juice, papaya, red, green, or yellow pepper, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes. Oral supplementation with 1000 mg of Vitamin C a day will help provide the body with this essential nutrient if you do not or cannot consume a diet rich in these foods. Healthy levels of collagen mean a better structure for the skin, bones, hair, etc.

Get a healthy dose of omegas in your diet: Many people enjoy fish in their diet. However, to get a healthy amount of omega fatty acid intake, it is impossible to eat enough fish daily. Fish oil supplements of 1000-2000 mg per day are very important for psychiatric health, eye health, brain growth, and early pregnancy development improving cardiac risk factors, reducing childhood symptoms of ADHD, reducing inflammation, reducing symptoms of metabolic syndrome, improving age-related mental decline, and Alzheimer’s, and maintaining healthy skin.

Stop smoking: Smoking is well known to lead to several different states of illness. The chemicals in smoke lead to skin damage topically and by growing levels of antioxidants, as far as your skin is concerned. The act of smoking also creates motion wrinkles around the mouth (“smoker’s lines”). Finally, in smokers vs. non-smokers, vitamin C levels appear to be around 15 % lower in smokers. This leads to complications with slow wound healing and makes certain plastic surgery procedures particularly dangerous for smokers.

Engage in vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes a day: Our extremely busy personal and professional lives are making it hard for many people to get to the gym. Exercise generally gets neglected but is important to get at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. Exercise is associated with the development of hormones that provide a sense of well-being and help with sleep, in addition to cardiovascular benefits. Exercise is associated with decreased levels of obesity and can prevent changes in the weight of yo-yo that lead to loose skin.

The most neglected anti-aging tip we have is sleep: There should be 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night for the average adult but most of them don’t. Reduced sleep leads to increases in cortisol, the stress hormone, and too much cortisol that leads to retention of fat. This can lead to sleep apnea and its associated disease states. For this reason, it is important to have a good sleep routine for both life quality and anti-aging problems.

This list tells us that the preservation of our physical youth and appearance can be encouraged by many things we can do for ourselves. And, when the time comes for more professional help, make sure you consult with us to get the right treatment from a board-certified plastic surgeon.


When you undergo plastic surgery in a specialized clinic with all the guarantees like MayClinik, you do so in a health care center with a specialized medical staff that knows all the necessary hygiene and prevention protocols very well. In fact, our clinic has the health quality and security international certification provided by the Joint Commission International (JCI), and also abides by ISO protocols.

These certifications guarantee that our team takes every precaution necessary to carry out the procedures in a safe, sterile and hygienic environment, both during the consultation and during the medical intervention. We are also associated with one of the best private hospitals in Turkey and located in one of the most modern and best equipped hospitals in the country, Kolan international and Bayındır hospitals.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with all the necessary skills to deal with any incident: a cosmetic plastic surgeon, a professional nurse and a pharmacy doctorate, international case managers who are well qualified. The surgery to carry out the plastic surgery is performed in high quality hospitals where I mentioned above, and both the medical staff and the patient wear a face mask all time and use disinfected and disposable material.

All this, combined with our position in a country that has barely been affected by coronavirus, helps us to provide you with all the requisite guarantees that your operation will proceed smooth. Trust in MayClinik, as thousands of patients have already done just check the reviews on plastic surgery in Turkey, enjoy our online free consultation service, and discover why we are a world leader in 100% safe for plastic surgery.


A recent medical study shows Breast Reduction Surgery to decrease pain and significantly improve the quality of life. Large, heavy breasts can give women of all backgrounds and ages a great deal of physical and psychological pain. Excessive breast size will weigh a woman down and throw off her center of gravity and her spine alignment. The result is a wide range of health problems, including chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulder, strained and overworked muscles, headaches, skin rashes, sagging breasts, and stretch marks, as well as low self-esteem and general body image dissatisfaction. Studies have also shown that women dealing with this form of physical pain equate their symptoms with chronic pain, such as arthritis, hip pain, and low back pain, to other medical conditions.

Many women sufferings from these physical and emotional problems are looking for breast reduction, also known as mammoplasty reduction. Not only does this common surgical technique produce a natural breast shape that is firmer and more proportionate to the body, but the overall quality of life of a woman can also be enhanced. Recent medical studies found that reduction mammoplasty resulted “in significant improvement in the quality of life and a decrease in pain and breast-associated symptoms.”

The research analyzed and surveyed 82 female patients suffering from symptomatic breast hypertrophy to gain access to the breast size reduction efficacy of surgery. By alleviating the physical symptoms caused by full, heavy breasts, this procedure not only offered great relief of pain but also greatly relieved or removed a wide range of debilitating physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, skin irritation, and poor posture. “The report also states that” the influence of mammoplasty reduction intervention was equivalent to that of hip replacement and more than knee complete joint replacement.

The advantages of breast reduction are highly beneficial, as shown by this scientific medical research as well as many others. To better understand the benefits associated with this surgery and how it can change your life, please visit or call our Istanbul office to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon.


Any treatment that improves the silhouette relates to body contouring. Body contouring is also called body sculpting because these processes allow you to “sculpt” the shape of your body by removing excess fat and excess skin. There are many forms of body contouring procedures, including both surgical and non-surgical procedures. However, these surgical procedures tend to produce more dramatic results. Our doctor provides liposuction for the removal of fat in the belly, hips, thighs, and arms when it comes to surgical body contouring procedures. He also provides tummy tucks, which have the added advantage of tightening and eliminating excess skin from the abdominal muscles. Due to the nature of a surgical procedure, not everyone is an ideal candidate. Our doctor may take your healthy history and perform a test to decide whether body contouring is right for you, but these 4 signs may usually mean that you are eligible for body contouring.

  1. You have excess skin following significant weight loss: Losing weight takes hard work and determination, and it can be frustrating to see saggy skin that just does not react well to diet or exercise if you’ve put in the effort to lose weight. Thankfully, unwanted skin can be eliminated by body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty. Body contouring is also a useful way to address stubborn fat and saggy skin after pregnancy.
  2. You’re already within your goal weight: The ideal candidate follows a healthy, well-balanced diet, and exercises regularly. It is advised to practice these healthy behaviors even after your procedure so that you can maintain your performance. Liposuction and tummy tucks can help you slim your thighs or create a sleek new profile, but there’s a catch. The ideal candidate is already within 15-20% of your goal / ideal weight. This makes it possible for the operation to have the greatest impact and transform your body into the sculpted body you’ve always desired.
  3. You have positive, realistic goals: Body sculpting is a personal decision, and it should only be done if you want it. Body sculpting is not a way for you to meet the aesthetic goals that someone else has for you; it is a way for you to meet goals that you have for yourself.
  4. You are a non-smoker: Believe it or not, in recovery from any surgery, smoking plays a major role. Smoking will delay healing; your circulation is also negatively affected. Which is why the ideal body contouring candidate is a non-smoker.


Countless weight-loss strategies, diets, potions, and devices have been marketed to overweight and obese populations. However, despite a plethora of interventions, only an estimated 1% to 3% of dieters end up losing weight and keeping it off. As diet and exercise don’t work on everybody and some of the people want to get the result faster, they prefer to use different but unhealthy and dangerous ways. We advise patients to never use the following methods of weight loss because they can have significant health implications. Let’s take a look at 4 unhealthy and dangerous approaches to losing weight

  • Diuretics

The term “diuretics” refers to any substance that increases the production of urine. Even certain businesses advertise their diuretics as “water tablets.” A lot of people take diuretics because they believe they can help them lose fat with water tablets. In reality, the pills only force their bodies to expel more water. While the scale may say someone has lost weight, it doesn’t mean that fat loss has slimmed down the person. Serious side effects of taking diuretics include:

-Electrolyte imbalances that can cause heartbeat and muscle cramps to be irregular.

-Kidney failure.

-Dehydration, which can become a life-threatening condition.

  • Laxatives

People with eating disorders also assume that by rushing food into their processes, laxatives can help them lose weight before their stomachs can consume a lot of calories. Laxatives, unfortunately, are no more effective than water tablets. When people take laxatives, water weight is often lost by repeated bowel movements. Their bodies absorb just as many calories. Some of the dangers of taking laxatives frequently include:

-Electrolyte and mineral imbalances.

-Severe dehydration.

-Damage to the colon and liver.

-Irritable bowel syndrome.

-Increased risk of colon cancer.

-Dependency that makes bowel movements impossible without more laxatives.

  • Ipecac Syrup

Ipecac syrup used to play an important role in poison control. If household poisons were mistakenly ingested by infants, their parents would use ipecac to cause vomiting. Since ipecac syrup causes individuals to vomit, it is used by bulimics to detox. Misusing ipecac syrup as a “weight-loss method” can cause problems like:

-Low blood pressure.

-Rapid heartbeat.

-Breathing problems.

-Stomach and chest pain.

-Heart attacks.

-Inflamed heart muscles (myocarditis).

  • Diet Pills

Every year, Americans trying to lose weight spend about $2.1 billion on diet pills and supplements. The Food and Drug Administration has largely unregulated over-the-counter diet drugs, so consumers never know what the items contain or what dangers they pose. Most of them don’t work but still, they may contain ingredients that cause issues like:

-Irregular heartbeat.

-High blood pressure.

-Heart failure.

-Heart attacks.

-Sudden death


The mommy makeover is a treatment that has been getting a lot of attention of women after childbirth. Although abdominal, breast aesthetic surgeries and liposuction are performed separately, today we approach the body as a whole. In this way, it gives much more holistic and satisfactory results with the operations dealing with the whole body. In this context, combined operations where abdominal, chest, back, waist and sometimes butt area are corrected at the same time are performed more frequently and it is called as Mommy Makeover.

What makes up a Mommy Makeover?

The breasts and the abdomen are the two items that most affect childbearing — so that is what a mommy makeover tackles. The individual operations are tailored depending on how much you were affected by childbearing. With a standard abdominoplasty, most women will do great, but women who have been really stretched out during pregnancy may require an extended version to remove the extra skin. A breast lift operation is a solution if your breasts were too big during pregnancy and are now droopy but have an acceptable volume for your body frame. For other women, a breast reduction may be the desired solution if their breasts are larger than desired after pregnancy. The operations are all very easy individually, but the effect can be dramatic when combined as a “whole” solution.

Is a mommy makeover safe?

To begin with, moms should make sure they are physically ready for surgery and also mentally. The surgical flaps used for a tummy tuck or breast lift are particularly vulnerable to the effects of smoking being compromised so that skin loss can occur. That is why if you are a non-smoker that is great for you. If you are a smoker, the longer you stop smoking, the better the operation becomes, and before considering surgery, most surgeons will need a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks of abstinence from smoking. Next, it is advisable to be in good physical shape. As their bodies are accustomed to physical stress and will deal with surgical stress and recover better than those who are out-of-shape, moms who have a healthy exercise program will have an easier recovery. Your weight before surgery also plays a role in the recovery. Studies have shown that in patients with a higher BMI (Body Mass Index), surgical risks of complications related to healing and infection are more common. Ideally, you should have a normal BMI (< 25), and if their BMI is greater than 30 due to the increased risks, I discourage patients from considering extensive procedures.

What kind of results will I get from a mommy makeover?

While almost any mom would benefit from a makeover, the moms who had a good body shape before children, gained a lot of weight with pregnancy, and then managed to cut back to their pre-pregnancy weight through diet and exercise, are the ones who end up with the most impressive results. These moms may have loose skin deflated but will be empty inside and by being “tightened” up will profit the most. A woman who gained significant weight after childbearing will not achieve as impressive a result. Our advice would be to think through all the things you would like to change, establish a healthy diet & exercise regime, and continue doing your research for those moms who are just starting to think about a mommy makeover now.


Explaining Augmentations, Lifts and Reductions

Breasts, like the people who have them, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Body positivity aside, it’s not always easy to accept what you have naturally. Whether it’s feeling uncomfortable about their breast shape, not loving the way shirts fit or breasts get in the way of everyday activities, it’s possible that some women don’t like at least one part of their chest. It can be the tricky part to know what kind of procedure is required for a particular case, particularly for people who are new to the plastic surgery concept.

Breast augmentation with implants

More than 300,000 women choose this surgery in 2018. If a woman’s main goal for breast surgery is to enlarge her breasts, breast augmentation with saline or silicone implants may be the ideal solution. There are many factors to consider, including the size, type and shape of the chosen implants, their position in the chest area (in front of the pectoral muscle, partially in front of the muscle or behind the muscle) and where the incision will be made. The plastic surgeon can help each woman make these decisions by assessing her body shape, lifestyle and overall goals.

 Breast lift

For having the breasts bigger, breast augmentations and fat transfers are helpful, but what they can’t do is correct problems related to drooping or sagging. Instead of sitting high on the chest, age, gravity, weight fluctuations and breastfeeding can cause the skin and tissue of once firm breasts to stretch out, causing the breasts to hang down. A breast lift may be needed for women who have found that the skin of their breasts has a large degree of laxity or that their nipples point to the floor and are placed at or below the breast fold. The surgery includes making a breast incision, changing the location of fat and other tissues, cutting off excess skin, and repositioning the nipple where appropriate. While this is a reliably effective plastic surgery procedure, with results visible virtually as soon as the surgery is over, it does not prevent breasts from becoming saggy in the future if there are future weight fluctuations or further changes to the skin’s elasticity.

Breast reduction

Chronic pain in the back, shoulder or neck caused by large, pendulous breasts is an issue that many women face. Compared to the rest of the body, some women may choose to make their breasts smaller to alleviate physical pain or to make them appear more proportionate. Breast reduction, includes the removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts by incisions, liposuction, and other tissue removal. By speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon, women considering either of these breast surgery choices are encouraged to get answers to their questions and find out more about their treatment of choice.


Among females, the Brazilian Butt Lift is increasingly popular, and the number of Brazilian Butt Lifts has increased over the years, according to plastic surgery statistics. This method, for example, is applied every 30 minutes every day on average. Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL) uses fat grafting to give you round, shapely buttocks using your own fat.  In general, surgeons extract fat by liposuction from the hips, belly, lower back, or thighs, then this fat is added to the ass. BBL increases the size and strengthens the appearance of your buttocks as a result.

First Days After Brazilian Butt Lift

In the hips and buttocks, patients may expect to have bruising and swelling after the surgery. Each patient recovers differently from surgery, so recovery time may change patients to patients. In general, after the procedure, the surgeon should expect to be up and walking for a day or two. You can notice you are removing fluid from the incision sites during this time. This is absolutely natural and with post-surgical massages, it can be handled.

Compression Garment

After treatment, compression garments are recommended by the surgeon for use after BBL treatment. Wearing the garment for eight weeks is very important thing during recovery process. Because the surgeon needs to ensure proper healing of the areas where the fat was extracted. The garment also helps to minimize swelling, decrease discomfort and help the skin retract.

Sitting Position

One of the most important recovery tips from the Brazilian Butt Lift is to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least eight weeks after the procedure. Surgeon often advised to sleep on their stomach or sides, and it would be better to sit on special BBL pillow if you have. It is beneficial to position the pillow behind your legs to avoid adding pressure on the fat graft by raising the buttock. In order to obtain long-lasting results from your surgery, this is very necessary, as sitting directly on the buttocks will impair the area’s blood circulation. It should be remembered, however, that, whether the patient is seated or not, 40 percent of the transferred fat is not likely to be permanent. When sitting after the first eight weeks of treatment, it is still important to use pillows and avoid sitting for a long time. The surgeon also recommends that for the first eight weeks after surgery, you cannot sleep on your back.

Physical Activity

You should avoid intense activities immediately after your surgery, particularly activities that involve jumping. After a month, patients can do easy activities like brisk walking. Most patients will resume their regular operations six to eight weeks after surgery, depending on how the patient responds to the surgery. To help ensure that the final results give you an aesthetically pleasing form, it is important to listen to all of the post-operative guidance given by your plastic surgeon.


Obesity disease and systemic diseases associated with this disease seriously threaten health. Obesity disorder, which affects physical and psychological health, may contribute to the alienation of individuals from society over time. For individuals who can’t get rid of chronic excess weight gain and obesity by taking more than the calories you expend and dieting or playing sports, bariatric surgery is an effective and required choice.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

An inflatable silicone balloon is placed inside the stomach using the endoscopic process, and the volume of the stomach is reduced when the balloon is in the stomach. The gastric balloon method is not a surgical application. The gastric balloon, which stays in the stomach for 6 to 12 months, is extracted from the stomach again using the endoscopic procedure depending on the type of preferred gastric balloon. Patients have a sensation of satiety after the balloon is inserted in the stomach, even though they eat a small amount. The aim of the application of the gastric balloon, which helps to lose weight, does not cause an anatomical shift and is done in a short period of about 20 minutes, is to acquire healthier eating habits and enable them to rapidly lose weight.

What is Gastric Surgery?           

Gastric surgery is a procedure that can be done using an open or closed technique, based on the reduction of the stomach by about 80 percent, the portion of the stomach where the ghrelin hormone that regulates the appetite is secreted, and the development of a new stomach in the form of a vertical tube. After the operation, the stomach is permanently reduced, and this operation cannot be reversed. Pyloric valves, which provide the regulates passage of nutrients from the stomach to the small intestine, are covered during gastric surgery. Gastric surgery is one of the obesity surgery procedures that limits food consumption, but as with many other procedures, it is up to patients to ensure that they lose weight and that they do not lose weight.

The differences between these methods vary according to the application details. Gastric surgery is a surgical operation, an endoscopic procedure performed on the gastric balloon. The shape of the stomach is permanently altered in gastric surgery, and nutrient intake is reduced, while the gastric balloon procedure does not alter the anatomical structure of the stomach. Gastric surgery continues its life-long impact, and depending on the type of stomach balloon chosen, the stomach balloon restricts the consumption of food for 6 and 12 months. The common feature of both operations is to provide patients with healthy lifestyle habits. Otherwise, both methods cannot ensure that patients lose weight as much as they target.

Who is Suitable for Gastric Surgery? Who Is Suitable for Gastric Balloon?

For gastric surgery, the general health of the patient should be sufficient for surgery, and the body mass index value should be at least 35. However, if there are health issues caused by obesity, tube stomach surgery can also be done in patients with BMI values of 30 and above.

Gastric balloon application can be applied to those who need to lose weight before gastric surgery, those who do not have the qualifications for surgery and those who have a BMI value of a minimum of 30. In order to perform both methods of obesity surgery, all health checks of the patients are essential.

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