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Almond Eye Aesthetics

Each beautiful woman and man’s preferences also include an effective look.

Healthy under eye, large and slanting eye structure is the symbol of beauty.

Almond Eye Aesthetics

Before an Almond eye surgery, evaluation is necessary in terms of a health problem that will prevent the operation. Anyone who does not have any health problems may be subject to this procedure.

It is recommended to wash with a baby shampoo while taking a shower for a while after the operation process. For redness and swelling, the doctor will prepare a prescription for you.

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Who Can Get Almond Eye Treatment?

Almond Eye Aesthetics is a surgical operation that completely addresses the aesthetic perception of individuals. The important thing is that your face and eye structure are aesthetically suitable.

Especially in terms of structure, individuals with low eye structure want more. After a detailed interview with your surgeon, you can decide whether you want to do this.

Patient Feedback

In MayClinik, our main aim is to provide our patients with the highest level of quality service and to make their experience the most satisfied by being with them in all their needs in this step they take to change themselves. Listen to the MayClinik experience from our patients.

What effect does the almond eye have on the social life?

Women try to remove the image from the lower eye by doing regular makeup. However, they eliminate this problem with the help of almond eye surgery.

People who do not have low eyelids also prefer this operation. The reason for this is the depth that it adds to the appearance. From the side of the operation is not noticeable. People around you are aware of the beauty of your eyes, but they cannot understand what is happening.

Eyes that look sleepy and tired with a low structure of the eyes, now looks more vigorous with the aesthetics of the almond eyes.

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Can the patient be discharged on the same day?

Almond eye aesthetics is a procedure that does not require hospitalization. The patient can be discharged after the operation.

After the operation, the person is affected in a positive way physically and socially. Changes in this operation are permanent.


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