9 Facts about plastic surgey Turkey

9 Facts about plastic surgey Turkey


1. “Plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means “to form or mold.”
2. The first plastic surgery procedures recorded in history date back to ancient India.
3. World War I and World War II resulted in new advancements in plastic surgery. Many of these procedures included skin grafts and reconstruction of limbs.
4. The first silicone breast implants were created in the 1960’s.
5. Body contouring refers to surgical procedures that enhance the shape of different areas of the body. These types of procedures include: liposuction, body lifts, tummy tucks, and butt augmentations.
6. Board certified plastic surgeons are doctors that have completed additional training, passed additional testing, and have been able to provide proven results.
7. The chin is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging. Patients often will opt for a facelift to help improve that area of their face.
8. 92% of all procedures are done on women.
9. 49% of all procedures are done on 40- to 54-year-olds.


SELF CONFIDENCE : Who wouldn’t want an image that would make the person more peaceful and happy with him, and that could have a positive contribution to family life? This situation will create a kind of natural antidepressant effect, perhaps the positive psychological contributions it will bring to the person both in business life and in his private life.

IMPROVES PHYSICAL HEALTH: Another advantage of cosmetic surgery procedure is that in some cases it can enhance your physical health. A rhinoplasty surgery, for example, will not only improve the nose’s look and form, but may also help with respiratory problems you may have.

PSYHOLOGICAL HEALTH: Many people who are unsatisfied with their appearance also suffer with anxiety and depression, both mental health problem. Because of your better state of mind about how you feel about yourself, you are more likely to socialize. This is an immense advantage for many, and is what inspires them to undergo surgery. The psychologically positive results are worth it.

MORE OPPURTUNITIES: Some studies suggest that more attractive people may be enjoying more professional and personal opportunities. A study published in Applied Financial Economics in 2012 found that attractive real-estate agents were able to sell prosperities at a higher than non-attractive agents. Other studies have also found attractive people tend to make higher salaries get selected for promotions more often.