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Why Choose Mayclinik?

MAYCLINIK, which organizes international patient organizations from all over the world, mostly from Europe to Turkey, is a health tourism company with an office in Stuttgart, Germany, based in Istanbul MAYCLINIK has membership in TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agencies Association) with code 11886 and has Ministry of Health Accreditation (AK-0086).

MAYCLINIK contracted doctors can speak English properly. They are Turkey’s leading plastic surgeons, general surgeons and dentists with experience abroad and internationally accrediated. All of the hospitals that MAYCLINIK operates under agreement have internationally recognized certificates such as Joint Commission International (JCI), International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In order to best understand and assist MAYCLINIK guests, patients with medical feedback are informed in detail of their treatment plans by our field specialists, whom we have contracted, through photographs and video conversations. Support staff as guidance which can be accessed 24/7 to avoid language barriers in a foreign country.

Free consultation before the operation via video chats and follow up visit after the operation. MAYCLINIK, who is in regular contact with the patients when the patient returns to his country after treatment, continues to follow up and support the patients who return to their country after the operation.

As MAYCLINIK we have package services. Our service starts with airport service. We welcome our guests from airport with our concierge team and transfer them to their internationally serving hotels with VIP vehicles. During all process our guest will have 7/24 reachable personal consultant and we will be doing all medical-related transfers.

Aesthetics Surgeries

We provide to you surgical and nonsurgical service in order that you can fulfill your dream.

MAYCLINIK provide to patients all surgical and nonsurgical service for all needs to improve their overall appearance. Our one of the most popular services are Nose Job, Breast Enlargement, Liposuction and Hair transplantation.

Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty, ie Aesthetic Nasal Surgery, is a nose reshaping surgery.


With liposuction surgery slims and reshapes specific areas of the body...

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure to increase size of the breast.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an operation that has been successfully...

Tummy Tuck

Abdomen lifting operation is performed to the abdominal area where sagging and cracks...

Almond Eye Aesthetics

Each beautiful woman and man’s preferences also include an effective look.

Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift

With Endoscopic mid-face lift surgeries, you can have a younger and fresh look.

Butt Aesthetics

Butt aesthetics surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to improve the...


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Patients’ View


You can read our blog for learn more about aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

For Our Patients

We provide free consultation, transportation service and convenient accommodation
to patients choosing us.

Free Consultation

We make Whatsapp, Skype and Facetime call for our patients who live another city and country to make diagnosis and lead them right operation.

Transportation Service

We keeps our patients comfort always keep up before and after the operation with our VIP transportation Service.


We insure our patients special offers for accommodation in 5 and 4 stars hotels.

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